Maternity Nursing Diagnoses

  1. Does anyone have any ideas for nursing diagnoses for the newborn and postpartum mom? my ob textbook is very limited on diagnoses.
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  3. by   stn2003
    breast feeding, ineffective or interrupted (r/t knowledge defecit, etc)
    caregiver role strain (r/t premature birth, congenital defects, etc)
    coping, family: compromised (r/t role changes, family disorganization)
    fatigue (r/t stress, pregnancy, sleep deprivation)
    infant behavior, risk for disorganized or readiness for enhanced organized
    parenting, readiness for enhanced
    self-esteem, situational low
    sleep pattern, disturbed

    risk for spiritual distress
    risk for decisional conflict
    deficient knowledge (learning need) regarding reproduction, contraception, self-care, Rh factor
    acute pain/discomfort
    risk for maternal injury
    deficient fluid volume
    impaired fetal gas exchange
    risk for impaired parent/infant attachment
    risk for injury
    risk for infection
    risk for fetal injury
    imbalanced nutrition, more or less than body needs
    anticipatory grieving
    risk for interrupted family process

    and i'm sure there are plenty more, but there's a start.
  4. by   2005RN tobeinKC
    I appreciate your help. I had a few of these but not nearly what you gave me.
  5. by   francine79
    Here are several that I have found:

    Effective breastfeeding
    Ineffective breastfeeding
    Interrupted breastfeeding
    Disorganized infant behavior or risk for
    Readiness for enhanced organized infant behavior
    Ineffective infant feeding pattern
    Disturbed sleep pattern
    Knowledge deficient--- this is a BIG one because mom/baby is mostly about teaching
    Risk for impaired infant attachment
    Caregiver role strain
    Readiness for enhanced parenting
    Impaired or risk for impaired parenting
    Risk for infection (related to childbirth trauma to tissues or others)
    Risk for consitpation
    Acute pain
    Risk for injury
    Interrupted family processes
    Impaired verbal communication
    Risk for situational low-self esteem
    Risk for ineffective airway clearance (newborn)
    Risk for imbalanced body temperature (newborn)

    You can also use alot of your normal physiological diagnoses. During our OB class we were taught to really emphasize the teaching and we should be using a lot of knowledge deficient diagnoses. This should help you get a good idea.
  6. by   2005RN tobeinKC
    I appreciate both of you giving me the assistance. I seemed to be stuck on my care plan for new mom and baby and just needed some new ideas. I'm so used to the med-surg and critical care plans, but these are a little different. I guess in a sense they shouldn't be so complicated.
  7. by   kahumai
    Risk for sudden infant death syndrome r/t seasonality (higher incidence in fall/winter months)
  8. by   jenrninmi
    Do you have a Nursing Diagnosis book? It really helps a lot more than looking in a text book. You just look up Postpartum in the front of the book and it gives you a long list of nursing diagnoses. The one I have is by Ackley and Ladwig. It's great! I would definately recommend purchasing one as it will save you so much time!
  9. by   lil' girl
    don't forget depression
  10. by   Tony35NYC
    Quote from 2005rn tobeinkc
    [font=tahoma] my ob textbook is very limited on diagnoses.
    you could also throw in a few med-surg related diagnoses (specific to your pt).

    did she have a c-section? - mobility
    is she diabetic? - metabolic complications
    does she have excessive lochia rubra? - f&e imbalances
    does she have hiv/aids or any contagious systemic disease? - prophylaxis implications for the baby