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    I graduated from CNA in 1990, from LPN in 1991 and have just been accetped to the RN (ADN) program for Jan.2002.

    I know this is the career for me. I wished I had gone back for RN sooner, however, this is the route I would have taken (one step at a time.)

    I personally feel it is a individual situation.

    My ultimate goal is to become an DON in LTC and I will get at least a BSN if not MSN (before the retiring years). After school, I want to work ER.

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    Here in Hell, I mean Western NY, going to LPN school is kind of foolish, it's a 9 month program, you go all summer , and make about $5 less an hour to start with and about $12 and hour less after 15 years than RN's, at our facility new RN's make more than LPN's with 30 years, not fair but thats how it is, you have almost the same responsibilities. 2 Year RN programs allow you to take the LPN boars after the 3rd semeter, so if you wnat to get a head start and work as an LPN during your last semester for experience you can. LPN's have no room for advancement, you can't do critical care, cand push IV meds, can't hang blood and a few other things. When i worked on the floor we alwaysgave teh LPN;s the extra patient because we had to do all the stuff they couldn't. But thats how it is here , it may be different elsewere.

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