I hate microbiology!!!! :-(

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    Just saying. I find it difficult especially right now were learning about recombinant DNA eek. I start nursing school in September this is my last "per-requisite". Am I doomed??

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    It gets better I loved microbiology, so I may be a bit biased, but I found that the rest of my classmates enjoyed the end of the semester much more because that is when we got into the epidemiology/public health portion of the course. For now, you have to try to ditch that mindset of hating the course, or it will just be even more rough for you.
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    I hated it also

    Hang in there
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    It wasn't necessarily a course that I hated, but it was indeed a challenging course. Just gotta look towards that light at the end of the tunnel.
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    I loved Micro! I agree with another comment though- once you get past the DNA material, it's enjoyable and fairly easy. I had to take a Genetics course designed specifically for nursing students, and for me, having learned about about DNA in Molecular Bio and Micro, it made genetic material easy to understand.

    If anything, Micro lab is more enjoyable than the lecture!
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    Iloved it because the instructor was a supervisor in a hospital lab where research was being done. She brought us all sorts of slides of "bugs" to look at. Very interesting. Also, diseases now had a "face", not just a meaningless name.
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    So sorry to hear this! I loved micro! Our class was very hands on. We got to grow bacteria and learn all about commonly seen stuff. Everyone has a class that they don't like. Look at it this way, what you learn now will really help you in the future. Diseases and viruses are a big part of healthcare! You never know what little tidbits you remember from class will come back to you. Also, if you have access to a lab you will learn that certain bacteria have certain smells. Trust me, you'll never forget them.
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    I didn't hate micro -- it was eh for me. I did love micro lab, though. I don't think you're doomed, though. Stick with it and those study skills you gain by studying for a course you hate are sure to help you in the future!
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    I hated it! My instructor actually hugged me when I got my gram stain right because I struggled so bad with it But like everyone else has said, once you get past this part, it won't be so bad. It gets much more enjoyable.
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    Stick with it...it gets better. Especially when you learn about the immune system and how it reacts to microorganisms. It really ties in to your A&P and feels more "medical" You can look up videos on DNA/RNA on YouTube that will really help you with remembering all the things you need (e.g. DNA Polymerase, helicase, tRNA, mRNA, etc.)

    Good luck

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