How many semesters is your program?

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    I start my adn program this fall and am wondering how long other students programs last. My program will last 5 semesters, it seems short from what I've heard. Any input? How long was your program? If all goes well I'll graduate early 2013.

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    4 semesters (15 months long) and I come out with a BSN.
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    5 semesters, they are each 14 weeks long... rn diploma program.
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    I'm in an accelerated, second degree BSN program that will last 4 semesters (16 months; fall, spring, summer, fall). The ADN program at my school is two years or four semesters. I do not know if that includes summers but I don't think it does.
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    At my school it's an ADN program with 5 semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring) I also start this fall and will graduate (hopefully) Spring of 2013. I'm excited! I can't wait to get started... been taking all the non-nursing courses for 2 years while on the wait list. Congrats on starting this fall too!
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    4 semesters - Started in January, will finish next May
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    5 semesters will finish hopefully December 2012!!
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    Thanks for the responses. I thought 5 was short, I guess it's average. I'll go fall/winter/summer/fall/winter. My school does winter instead of spring, but it get's out in May. If all goes well I'll graduate May 2013.
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    We have a 16 week semester, 4 8 week semesters, another 16 week semester, and then 2 more 8 week semesters. It comes out the same as 5 semesters.

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