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  1. Choosing a preceptorship

    Hello fellow nurses and student nurses, I am at the point in my nursing school education where I need to choose a preceptorship for my last semester. I need some guidance. My school, unfortunately, offers less guidance in this area. A little about ...
  2. Oxygen Therapy

    So, I am almost at the end of nursing school and really need assistance on oxygen therapy. This seems like it should be one of the easiest topics, and yet my school just skims over the topic. So, perhaps you experts can help me understand this topi...
  3. Bariatric surgery

    Hi, I had gastric bypass a year ago. I am a nuraing student right now, but can really attest to its effectiveness, managing shifts and complications. Please feel free to message me. I have lost 160 pounds total so far, 50 prep and 110 post op since h...
  4. What Supplies Should I Get for School?

    I also want to add that a watch is important in giving iv direct medications!
  5. What is a "passing grade" for your nursing program?

    Our school has a 60% passing grade. But to get in, you need at least 80-90% average.
  6. Nursing student theft

    From the information you have provided, everything you have on her is circumstantial. Although she was found with your property, you did not see her take it yourself, therefor I am not sure your police report would hold any ground. In regards to get...
  7. What kind of Medic alert do you use?

    So recently I have learned I need to wear a medic alert item. My concern with a medical alert bracelet is infection control. So I was considering a medical necklace. Where do you wear your medical alert?
  8. Will nursing grow on me?

    My question to you is, how comfortable are you with your communication an skills? I hated my clinical rotation but now that I am comfortable with my stuff, I love it. Nursing is so diverse and everything is not for everyone. Han in there, and if you...
  9. Washing my clients face help

    Hello all nurses, I am in my first semester of nursing school and have just started my clinicals. In my clinicals, one of my duties is to wash my clients face. I know how to wash a face, but my client has a skin condition, of which at this time I do ...
  10. Practical Hairstyle?

    I cut my hair before my first semester as I wanted my natural hair color back. Now it has been one month and I despise my hair. I would recommend not cutting your hair. After your morning shower pull it into a med to high pony tail. Take the end if t...
  11. Hours of Nursing school?

    Mine is mon - thurs 8:30-3:30 +/- 30 min. Fridays 8:30-11-30. This is set for the first 3 weeks then I have clinicals on Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:30-2:30 the rest the same. I am in semester 1 of 8 for my program
  12. Clorox or Peroxide?

    I would recommend using some cavi-wipes for immediate disinfectant, but be VERY careful with bleach. Many chemicals that housekeepers use such as Virex, for normal cleaning, and Virox5, do not mix well with bleach. When mixed they release a chlorin...
  13. What are your other degrees in?

    Almost finished my Bsc, in Microbiology and Genetics. Now Fall 2011, BScN.
  14. What are your future nursing plans??

    Emerg is my near goal, but long term I want to get involved with infection control. I currently have microbiology experience and LOVE my little 'bugs'. I start in 24 days whoop, whoop!! The more chaotic and stressful the more I thrive! But hey, the...
  15. Can anyone tell me if this is possible? Work and school.

    I am in a similar situation and will be working friday-mon. I have it a little easier, and my boss loves me, he bought me my littmann for school, but the rules for me say no school at work. BUT, I work also in a really slow work environment and my ...