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  1. NACovey

    New Nurse Grad Blues.... : (

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you work in South Georgia, and where do you work now?
  2. NACovey

    Nursing Interview Questions (Part 2)

    Awesome, thank you! And congratulations on the job :)
  3. NACovey

    Nursing Interview Questions (Part 2)

    Stacey30, do you remember what you said for the first critical thinking question? I think I have my answer but I guess I'm not really sure what they want to hear or what not :-) Any help from anyone else would be appreciated to the first question: What is critical thinking and give an example of a time you used critical thinking in relation to patient care? I know what critical thinking is, just more directed towards the example. Thanks!
  4. NACovey

    Average TEAS

    I think my average was a 77. I got into the BSN. Just depends how good everyone else does of your chance getting in.. if they go off a point system.
  5. NACovey

    Common nusring school schedule???

    I just got accepted to a BSN program. I don't know definite times for classes, as we do not find out our schedule until Nursing orientation 3 days before the semester starts (kinda weird). But I emailed the assistant director and we will be doing classes/clinicals 5 days a week. :-)
  6. NACovey

    Geezzz..the wait on accepantace/denial for NS

    We had to have our apps and testing complete by February 15th. I found out May 13th that I got accepted! Good luck!
  7. NACovey

    Is nursing for me? I just need to "talk" through it...

    Wow it sounds like you've had quite a ride. In my opinion, I say go for it. I don't have the background like you do (no children, no degree yet) but it sounds like, for right now, that nursing school would be the best option. And by the sounds of you getting too stressed out about a bachelors program, then def go for the ADN. You can always bridge over at a later date if you want. And while you are in the program you can still be looking for a job as a chaplain if you would have the time to do that with the kiddo. I say go for it. It wouldn't take long and you would have more job options. Can only go up from there!
  8. NACovey

    what would you do?

    I had high school chemistry (10th grade). If you take chem, and start the basics, then take the TEAS test while you are in chem, I think you will be fine. I never took chem in college for nursing school and the TEAS test was still confusing on the chem part to me.. but I still passed. Get the study guide and really STUDY and KNOW what you are weakest in. But it is possible to pass.
  9. NACovey

    Is this actually possible?

    Check if your school has a grade forgiveness type of thing for classes you get a D in. If not, I was told when I asked about retaking classes, that you have to go to a different school that accepts the transfer credit and then retake it there. Either that or wait a certain amount of time. Communicate with your advisors at school and they will help you. If they don't, be firm and make them :-)
  10. NACovey

    I think I made the wrong decision....:(

    I just replied to a post exactly like this.. and I will repeat myself. Don't let what you hear about all the horrid paperwork and awful doctors and cranky families scare you away from what you want to do. If you were passionate about becoming a nurse, you would find ways to handle it.. and that is what school is for. And you didn't like your hospital experience? I am so sorry that it was uncomfortable for you, but that would make ME want to be that change and make it more comfortable for the guests that are visiting or may be spending their last breaths in that facility. Try out all different areas of nursing (there are SO many) and see what fits you best! If you truly want to be a nurse, you will fall in love with a certain job and you will know it. And yeah, you aren't going to get to get to that position right when you graduate. You have to build a good resume then you can do anything you set your mind to :)
  11. NACovey

    Becoming a CNA

    I'm from Florida and there was an Adult Education center that had CNA classes. And definitely through a community college or better yet a technical school. I was a CNA for 4 years and finally got to quit to focus on nursing school. I LOVED it don't get me wrong, but I want all my focus on school. I would say I feel better knowing certain things I do about healthcare settings going in to nursing school. As for approaching employers.. at least where I have been... every place is dying for nurses AND CNA's. The place where I just quit from was always hiring. And be open to all positions like if they only have PRN shifts.. you can always change to full time or part time later when there is a position open. Have fun!
  12. NACovey

    Straight B student?

    Science classes matter most, in the end. If you are neck and neck with another student about to be accepted, they will look at science grades for the final answer. I got maybe 2 C's in my gen. ed classes and the rest A's and B's in sciences and math and whatnot. Definitely strive for an A. If you stress out when it comes to tests, tell your teacher. maybe there is something different that you can do to ease the anxiety when testing.
  13. NACovey

    I GOT IN!!! NOW WHAT?!?!?

    I find it so funny that once you get accepted, all you want to do is stuff for nursing and stuff to start school. I got accepted for Fall too and it starts in mid-August... therefore I have over 2 months. I want to start NOW but I need to realize that while in NS I won't get much free time. Luckily, all my prereqs are done so I can sit back and enjoy my summer. If you don't have any responsibilities like class or work, just enjoy every little moment you can get with friends/family/significant other. And yes make those deadlines, too :-P
  14. NACovey

    What are your personal perceptions.....

    Does this mean... what do you think about keeping a dying patient alive as long as possible? That is kind of what it means to me.
  15. NACovey


    Yeah and when I said about being "older" I meant like over 50 older. A woman I used to work with was going back to school for her RN and she was 52. And she would make a GREAT nurse. I sit and pout on how everyone I graduated high school with have their degrees.. and then I sit back and look at all I have... A wonderful marriage that I would have passed up for the ADN program. I am glad I skipped out on that opportunity to enjoy the first 2 years of my marriage and now I am shooting for the BSN, even better! I am so happy with where I am at. Everything will come naturally for you and I hope that you succeed!