How long are clinical shifts?

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    Are they 8 hours a day, five days a week

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    It will vary. Mine were 8 hours but not 5 days a week. Every school will have their own schedule.
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    My first semester clinicals were Mondays 630-1130. This next semester they are 630-1230 thursdays and fridays.
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    mine were 8-10 hours 2x a week, depending on the clinical. The clinicals at the beginning of the program were 6 hours. Going into the last semester, I make my own schedule with my preceptor and clinicals will be a normal 12 hour shifts for 13 shifts (probably only 2-3 shifts a week)
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    It varies depending on the school and the semester you are in. At my school, we have clinicals 2 days a week. 1st semester clinical shifts are 6 hours; 2nd and 3rd semester shifts are 8 hours, and 4th semester shifts are 12 hours. The days vary (can be anytime M-F) and sometimes we have days and sometimes evenings.
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    My first semester clinicals were from 7am-5pm on Wednesdays. The next 4 semesters they are the same hours but 2-3 days per week. When I do my preceptorship in my 6th semester... I work whatever schedule that my nurse does. So if she works 12hrs a day, then that is what I work and the same number of days as she does. Sounds like alot but I wish that we had more time in the hospital.
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    My program did clincals once a week, depending on where you were, they ran 6-8 hours.
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    In my program it is 9-11 hours one day a week, varying by semester
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    Mine are two days per week, 8 hours each. We usually spend 5 hours on the floor (7am-12pm), approx one hour for a lunch break, and then one hour in post conference, and the instructor lets us leave a little early if there are no extra questions.
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    Mine are from 6:30am to 3:00pm four days a week.

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