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Going back to school for my BSN.

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  1. yellowjeepgirl

    Help with med surg class

    I purchased the Illustrated Study Guide for the NCLEX-RN exam and it broke down our med surge concepts. Good luck.
  2. yellowjeepgirl

    Parkland - Dallas - Student PCA position

  3. yellowjeepgirl

    Parkland - Dallas - Student PCA position

    Can anyone offer any advice/experience on the student PCA positions at Parkland? I am half way through my ADN program and was offered a position. I am still waiting on my offer letter and am getting excited as orientation starts Dec 16. Thanks in advance.
  4. yellowjeepgirl

    Items needed for Nursing kit for clinicals during nursing school?

    We had to purchase a kit for our skills class. We used the items for practice and for check offs. Ours included sterile gloves, foley kit, iv stuff, NG, and several other items. Good luck.
  5. yellowjeepgirl

    Advice to Nursing Students in Peds Rotation

    Thanks for the post. I look at my clinical experiences as a job interview. I will have pedis/OB next semester and am looking forward to the experience.
  6. yellowjeepgirl

    Second week of RN school

    Take it one day sometimes one minute at a time. I am going on my third semester and I am just as nervous as I was in my first semester. I had a clinical instructor that had a great motto that I still use "stress now, stress later, or don't stress at all." I totally agree with previous poster practice NCLEX questions. Good luck and take care of yourself!!
  7. yellowjeepgirl

    Having to take A&P over again????

    Our A&P I/II have a lecture and lab that must be taken together and you must pass both parts. Good luck!!
  8. yellowjeepgirl

    Tarrant County College fall 2013

    Just a heads up last semester, which was Foundations for me, they only allowed us to trade the entire schedule not certain portions of the schedule. Hope everyone gets the schedule they are needing.
  9. yellowjeepgirl

    Tarrant County College fall 2013

    At orientation we had several presentations on DA. You will take your DA test in clinical in order to pass medications. You can fail once but you must pass the next test with a 90% or you are out of the program. They also passed out a CD with a program to help you practice prior to your test. Good luck!!
  10. yellowjeepgirl

    Tarrant County College fall 2013

    Hopefully this will come through correctly. If not go to the TCCD website and type in 2012-2013 Catalog in the search. Good luck!! First Semester Semester Hours RNSG 1413 **# Foundations for Nursing Practice 4 RNSG 1460 **# Clinical - Foundations for Nursing Practice 4 RNSG 1105 **# Nursing Skills 1 Second Semester RNSG 1441 Common Concepts of Adult Health 4 RNSG 1461 Clinical - Common Concepts of Adult Health 4 RNSG 1193 Special Topics in Nursing A 1 Summer Session RNSG 2213 Mental Health Nursing 2 RNSG 2263 Clinical - Mental Health Nursing 2 Second Year First Semester RNSG 2208 Maternal and Newborn Nursing and Women‘s Health 2 RNSG 2260 Clinical - Maternal and Newborn Nursing and 2 Women‘s Health RNSG 2201 Care of Children and Families 2 RNSG 2261 Clinical - Care of Children and Families 2 Second Semester RNSG 1443 Complex Concepts of Adult Health 4 RNSG 2461 Clinical - Complex Concepts of Adult Health 4 RNSG 1293 Special Topics in Nursing B 2 T OTAL DEGREE HOURS 72
  11. yellowjeepgirl

    Tarrant County College fall 2013

    You will need a manual one.
  12. yellowjeepgirl

    Tarrant County College fall 2013

  13. yellowjeepgirl

    Tarrant County College fall 2013

    When we received the acceptance email for Spring, 2013 there were several attachments for the program. They might have changed it.
  14. yellowjeepgirl

    Tarrant County College fall 2013

    I don't believe it is required to be turned it at orientation, but they "throw" so much at you that I tried to get as much completed by orientation as possible.
  15. yellowjeepgirl

    Tarrant County College fall 2013

    Not a problem at all Monica. I remember exactly what it felt like.......we were the blind leading the blind. If you have any questions going forward, just let me know.
  16. yellowjeepgirl

    Tarrant County College fall 2013

    Congrats on those who have been accepted for the Fall. I have just finished up my first semester and wanted to give some info regarding some questions that I have seen on here. The below info is based on the Spring 2013 semester so they might have changed things but at least it will provide some answers hopefully. The background check cannot be completed greater than 30 days before you start clinical, which for us was Jan 5 and our first day at the hospital was Feb 6. You will meet with your clinical group at school for the first 3 weeks or so of school. You will complete the background check online and pay for it there as well. The nursing department will send you an email. The drug screen for us was prescheduled by the nursing department between Dec 31-Jan 3. They will send you an email with your day and all the details. You will pay for this at Business services at TR and take the receipt to Harris Occupational. Orientation is mandatory and for us it was Nov 30 from 7:30am-4:30pm. It was long, overwhelming, and full of info. Make sure you take cash as you can buy t-shirts, uniforms, stethoscopes. You will need to take the following to orientation if you have it: Immunizations – cannot expire during the semester Physician Health Form CPR Certification Photo Id – Recent photo with name on the back; no larger than 3X5 Health Insurance – Insurance print out listing you as the recipient of benefits for 2013. They will not accept an insurance card. CPR - TCC offered classes at the beginning of January before school started; however most people had already taken CPR somewhere else by then to get it out of the way. Just make sure the certifications are from the American Heart Association for Health Care Professions (BLS) or you will need to take it over again. As far as your class schedule the nursing department will assign and register you for your first semester. They is an option to switch with another student, but if you do you can only switch the whole schedule not a class. Once you have registered and paid you can go to TR Police center 3rd floor 3702A to receive a TREC Parking decal. If you already have a parking pass they will just add a TREC sticker. Make sure you take your paid fee schedule for Fall and your ID otherwise they will not issue. Congrats and good luck. Let me know if you have any questions as I know how overwhelming this process is. Enjoy your time off as well!! Jamie