How do nursing students get to and from school?

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    With student loans growing how do you get to and from school? Do you have your own car? Live on campus? Take the train? A friend?

    Please share any tips you may have.

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    for the majority of my college career, I rode the bus 1.5 hours each way to get to school and back home. I just recently got a car and I still ride the bus most of the time because of habit and lack of money for gas. the car was given to me, BTW, just in case anyone was wondering why on Earth I would get a car and can't afford gas. It's a 17 yr old gas hungry thing.
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    I drive to class because I live close to the school and I also drive to most clinical sites. If the clinical site is too far, I will take the bus and the train. When I was using public transportation, I would use that time to study.
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    I have a car and I have to drive. My school is pretty far and the earliest I can drop my daughter off at school is 30 minutes before my first class.
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    I am not in nursing school yet but when I did my prereqs I did not have a car. At one campus I would ride my bike 45 mins each way. The other school I rode my bike 15 mins and then took the bus for an hour. Now I have a car! However I think I would prefer to commute by bike if I can coordinate it with the times daycare opens and my classes start.
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    Lol this one was funny
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    I'm bridging with a co-worker and we have a deal worked out...I keep us on top of the paperwork end of things and he does the driving. Works out well for both of us.
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    Car, bike, or bus. Depends on my mood and the weather. I used to be completly dependent on the bus and that was horrible. I thought I could use the time to study but I get horribly car sick if I try to read in a moving vehicle. I also get bus sick if the ride is longer then 45 minutes, especially in the back of the bus.

    My car is beat up 18 year old corrolla but I love it! I also love my bike.
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    I carpool! I'm so glad I have people I can ride with and it's great for disscusing class material. It's like a mobile study group since it's about a 30 min drive to school.
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    When I had to drive half an hour away to do my psych clinicals, my whole group would carpool. It was the closest group I was in. Our favorite song was Cee Lo Green's song "Forget you". Well, substitute forget with a word that rhymes with duck.

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