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  1. charli_appleRN

    How to code Pulmonary Fibrosis???

    I have a dx of pulmonary fibrosis with daily breathing treatments. Medical records is telling me that I can not code yes to asthma(copd) or chronic lung disease on the MDS. For the life of me, I can not wrap my head around why I can't code my chronic lung disease as a chronic lung disease. Please help me understand!!!
  2. charli_appleRN

    3 pm orders

    I know who and what day. It was the day the MD kept interrupting report. But there is more to it. It's the supervisor's assignment and somehow the full time pay rate for it got out. There hadn't been any complaints until they didn't have an RN to cover our off days. Lpns don't want to float to that hall unless they get a bonus and they're not giving them a bonus.
  3. charli_appleRN

    3 pm orders

    I work the skilled hall and some of us regulars were called to the office because no one wants to pick up on our hall. Apparently, we leave a ton of orders and I'm the "Queen." Now I've learned the hard way to NEVER leave an order. If for whatever reason the person I left the order with can't complete it, whose buttocks is it?? I know whose and that's why I don't pass on orders. I've done some serious thinking and the only orders they can be referring to are the ones the MDs are writing as we're giving shift report. I'm not going to lie, I leave ALL of those. So how should I handle this? If I run to the office, we all know what they are going to say, "Pass it on and punch out." Is there another way to handle 3 pm orders that doesn't create so much "tension" or is this just the nature of the beast?
  4. charli_appleRN

    Need advice about a dishonest teacher!!

    In that case, I'm sorry but your class doesn't have a leg to stand on. She wanted details to be sure you knew EXACTLY what it was that you were talking about and you didn't give them. Re-take the class and be more specific in your answers. Anyone who signed that letter came across as a cry-baby who couldn't follow directions. That's not a good look in nursing school. Good luck.
  5. charli_appleRN

    Need advice about a dishonest teacher!!

    Were your exams essay type questions or multiple choice? In my anatomy course, we had a comprehensive take home exam that we were allowed to work together on but you had to answer the questions in your own words. None of the students who worked together received the same grade. Because we had a week to work on it, the instructor made it perfectly clear that the answers had to be as detailed as possible. Those who wrote their answers out like a novel, received an 'A' and those who gave short answers received something less. They were upset about it but they really didnt have a leg to stand on.
  6. charli_appleRN

    Two Semesters of *****!

    What kinds of assignments do you have in clinical other than care plans? Everybody's care plan shouldnt be the same.
  7. Obama
  8. charli_appleRN

    Cringing at venous sticks...

    Ask the powers that be. It wouldnt be part of the curriculum but more like a field trip.
  9. charli_appleRN

    Cringing at venous sticks...

    If your school offers opportunites to view an autopsy........go. I use to get nervous at the sight of a needle, let alone blood. After viewing that autopsy, I could pretty much look at anything and couldnt wait to stick somebody with a needle. lol
  10. charli_appleRN

    medsurg & pharm

    Do you guys use ATI? If so, I suggest watching the pharm videos, doing the practice test, and making flash cards for your notes. Med-surg is pretty much taking what you learned in funds and appling it to different disease processes. So far, it's been pretty easy and that's the part that is scarying me. I feel like it's almost too easy....where's the catch?
  11. charli_appleRN

    Trouble with starting IV's

    I've only had one try, too. I had to work backwards because I'm right-handed but I did get a flashback. Then my instructor told me to advance the needle. I advanced it a little and she said to keep going. I really didnt feel comfortable with that but I did anyway. Long story short, it didnt work and I've been thinking about how to do it differently ever since. She said I had a very good techique but the bottom line is my technique didnt work. I feel like I shouldnt have advanced the needle at all, just the cath. It seems like advancing the needle will puncture the vein. I'd appreciate any input from the pros............after the flashback, do I advance the cath or the needle?
  12. I hear this complaint all the time but I've never experienced it. I've even heard it about instructors I've had a semester or 2 before..... as if they had suddenly restructured their whole method of teaching. Needless to say, I didnt buy it. I suggest you find some online study tools for that particular subject. I used 3 different websites for 3 different text books to help me pass my science classes.
  13. I'd advise you to stop worrying about what other students are doing and concentrate on what you're told to do. Have you witnessed any procedures your classmates have done to see how good they were at it?? I'm sure your instructor has. If you dont demonstrate that you can follow the simple rules, you may never be allowed to do anything without the instructor breathing down your neck. Trust and believe your new clinical instructor is well aware of your history and she's watching you like a hawk......even if she does it with a smile. With the mistakes you've made, you should start going to open lab RELIGIOUSLY. That's the quickest way to get out of the dog house.
  14. charli_appleRN


    patho is the disease process.....in other words, what does a particular disease do to the body
  15. charli_appleRN

    My first clinical course and I hate it

    I was hating going to clinicals for a minute there too but for slightly different reasons. I used to be a nursing assistant so it wasnt the basic care that bothered me. It was the basic care for 1 (maybe 2) pts for 8 whole hours that was killing me......talk about a long boring night. Now had I had 15 pts to myself, I would have been busy and happy about it. There are 8 of us in my group and it took almost half the semester for me to get to do any skills. When my instructor finally got to me, I ended up doing skills the entire shift and it was AMAZING. I cant wait to go back next week...lol
  16. charli_appleRN

    ADN programs with high graduation and NCLEX pass rates

    I go to B/S and I love it. We do lose alot of students but I've never felt like they were weeding us out. If we dont do well on a test, it's mandatory that we go to tutoring. What I've noticed is that those who struggle through prereqs, talk through lectures, dont go to open labs, complain about how some requirements arent neccessary, and claim instructors play favorites......usually drop out.