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  1. ER nurse looking for a change.

    Definitely! I've had many conscious sedations and codes quite a few times in my career so that's good! Yeah it makes me sad that she wouldn't keep me and took a new grad and from all of my co workers they loved me and my work ethic and I was a good...
  2. How does on call work?

    Wow!! Thanks so much for the details! Yeah we are a stroke center and we are a 422 bed hospital so pretty big. I think we have about 8 nurses maybe 10. My on call is 4 days a week after my shift from 6p-7a and every other weekend I'm on call. I'm no...
  3. How does on call work?

    Okay so boss lady cleared it up! I'm on call after my shifts during the week until morning (Monday-Thursday or Friday depending on which day I have off) and I am on call every other weekend (so not every weekend)! The one constant say I get off every...
  4. How does on call work?

    My hospital sounds like the size of yours and I do believe we are a stroke center. That's what I need to figure out. We do have rad call ins so I need to differentiate and see how much a nurse is really called in. It's hard to say, my manager start...
  5. How does on call work?

    I totally value the life and work balance which is why I wanted to go to days, but all of this on-call? I just do not know anymore. I did accept the position, but the job is not entirely mine until, I finish the hiring paperwork/drug screen/health as...
  6. How does on call work?

    Yeah, see? That is rough! If they has maybe like 3-4 on call shifts a month that would be do-able, heck even like 5!, but 8-10? I accepted the job but its not totally mine until I pass the drug screen/hiring papers/health assessment. I wonder if I s...
  7. How does on call work?

    Ugh, you are smart! I accepted, but the job is not actually mine until I do the hire papers, health assessment, and drug screen. I have a kiddo and my hubby, going days was major and I was happy but with all of this on-call I am not sure. I wonder if...
  8. How does on call work?

    Thanks so much for your response! Yeah, I mean when would I really have a good amount of time off you know? The pay would be nice, yes, but I was not expecting 8-10 on call shifts a month! Especially since those would be on nights probably or right a...
  9. How does on call work?

    They do pay time and a half after two hours of being called in and they pay $3.75 to just be on stand by. But still, idk, I accepted the job, but technically do not fully have it until I finish my hire papers and health assessment and drug screen. I ...
  10. How does on call work?

    Hello all! I have been a night shift ER nurse for over 3 years and I recently got a job offer for day shift as an interventional radiology nurse! It's really exciting, it what's not as exciting is the on-call shift I keep hearing about. From what it ...
  11. Er nurse to ir nurse

    I figured. Thanks so much!
  12. ER to PACU

    Ohh I see. Interesting! Yeah this position is for day shift so I'm hoping it's something like 7p-7a but I'm thinking it'll be like 7p-5p 4 days a week or something. I definitely will have a lot of questions to ask during the interview! Thank you!!
  13. Er nurse to ir nurse

    Sounds like a job for an ER nurse who needs a break from the hustle and bustle of ER nursing! It sounds like a good job for a shorter period of time. I would love to work days in that positions! At the same time I would not want to stay long because ...
  14. ER nurse looking for a change.

    Hello all, my name is Jenna. I have been an ER nurse (BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC) for 3 years now and yes, I love ER, it is my baby! However, I have been working nights and it is taking a toll on my person life (marriage life and kids), plus I have Hashim...
  15. Er nurse to ir nurse

    Hello all! My name is Jenna and I've been an ER nurse for 3 years (BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC certified) . I've worked night shift the entire time and I love nights and the ER and the crew I'm with, but it's (working nights) killing my personal life and ...