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  1. It's late and I am stumped! Any suggestions on why people who have renal failure bruise so easily? Thanks
  2. DarkLotus

    Start MA school? yay or nay?

    So due to financial reasons I don't think I will be attending the nursing school I got into this fall. I am considering trying to get into a MA program through ROP. I still plan on applying to RN programs for next fall. Would it be worthwhile to just do a year long MA program so that just incase I don't get into school next fall I can work? I haven't really considered MA before but it sounds interesting and more indepth in patient care than being a CNA which is what I am right now...
  3. DarkLotus

    Retaking a Pathophysiology course, confused??

    To be honest I don't see how you could ace pathophysiology without completing at LEAST two A&P courses and a microbiology course with a A! I am taking patho online this summer and it is a difficult intense class I am struggleing to get an A in it and I found a&p, micro and biochem to be easy. A lot of patho depends on understanding the normal physiology. Perhaps you could take the second A&P course over the summer and save patho for the fall. Either way best wishes! Also if you know someone who took the patho course online (try posting in your states section to find a study buddy!
  4. DarkLotus

    Waitlist Status

    Well I just found out that the program has decreased the number of accepted students down to 20 (or possibly 24 if they can hire another clinical instructor in time). I was optimistic being third on the waitlist but now I'm 13th! Oh and there were only 35 applications for what was thought to be 30 spots. I really have to choose soon if I will move to the new town or not because my lease ends next month. The town is very isolated and there are not many job opportunities there is one skilled nursing facility and the closest LTC facility is about an hour away.
  5. DarkLotus

    Should I become an EMT?

    I'm going to try to 'sneak in' to signing up for this class that is offered online in addition to taking an in person EMT course (or maybe instead of if I land a new and perfect job;) PreParamedic Transition: An intense course with anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and EKG interpretation, and the relationship to the paramedics environment. I could really benefit from the pharmacology and EKG interpretation!
  6. DarkLotus

    Should I become an EMT?

    I *think* it depends on the program and LVN/LPN's do not learn to start IV's but RNs do. I might be wrong though!
  7. DarkLotus

    Should I become an EMT?

    The only phlebotomy classes I have been able to find are part of LVN programs or offered through hospitals only for employees... I would love to take a EKG course, my favorite subject in pathophysiology was the few EKG interpretations we learned! I'm not sure if there are any more A&P courses I can take, I took a three term series that had intro to A&P as a pre req. I'm pondering taking genetics or molecular bio but I don't see that being helpful in the future. I'm guess I need to look into taking an EKG class now!
  8. DarkLotus

    Waitlist Status

    Yeah I applied to every type of financial aid possible. I was awarded two scholarships when I was first admitted to the university. However these scholarships are for non impacted majors only so as soon as I was officially accepted into the BSN program I lost them. So now I have no way to cover out of state tuition! I am so hoping waitlist karma catches up with me and I get into the LVN program, lol.
  9. DarkLotus

    Should I become an EMT?

    Well I am all ready a CNA and have been for almost two years. I need a change of pace if I don't get into nursing school this fall. I think I found an EMT course that is just one semester long three days a week (so I could work as a CNA while doing school parttime) and the tuition would be paid by a grant so no out of pocket costs. I really hope to work in the ER eventually... Funtimes: What other schooling could your recommend?
  10. DarkLotus

    Should I become an EMT?

    I'm trying to think of things that would benefit my career in the long term if I do not get to start nursing school this fall. I am currently a CNA and have all pre reqs done for various nursing programs. I am wondering if becoming an EMT (one term) and working as a EMT instead of as a CNA would be beneficial. I'm pretty much sick of home health and am currently looking for a job in LTC. Or maybe if I become an EMT I could work as a PCT instead of a CNA which would be awesome....
  11. DarkLotus

    I'm never goin to reach my destination

    Well I'm almost 30 and have been trying to go to nursing school since I was 25, lol. I spent two years doing the classes for a pre nursing associates degree to realize that most of the programs I was applying to changed their standards so I spent another year doing additional prereqs for BSN programs. Then I took a year off of school to work as a CNA. This year I finally got into a BSN program but I can not start it this fall since I cant afford university tuition on top of daycare. So I am now on a waitlist for a LVN program for this fall and if I don't get in I will be out of school for another year working as a CNA. We all go about this same goal of becoming a nurse by following different paths. You're fresh out of high school and have some prereqs done. Be happy about that because it will get you there even if it not along the route you originally intended. Be well
  12. DarkLotus

    My school has a pre-nursing program but No clincals

    It sounds like the school has a pre nursing associates degree which will not allow you to sit for the NCLEX. Typically these pre-nursing degrees are just the pre requisites for an ADN program plus a couple of general education classes. This isn't really a 'way to go' because it is just the classes needed to apply for a nursing program. Also it may be better to do just the pre-reqs for a nursing program and not get the pre-nursing associates degree because it might change your financial aid when you do start a real ADN program.
  13. DarkLotus

    Waitlist Status

    Thanks! I was accepted into a BSN program but can not attend because of financial reasons (no BOGFW at universities) so I am hoping I get into this LPN program through waitlist karma, lol.
  14. DarkLotus

    Waitlist Status

    The school I applied to was able to tell me that they got a total of 35 applications an I was the 33ed. They accept the first 30 qualified applicants. So if three people who applied were not qualified or choose to go to different schools, then I am in. However they do not know who will accept being admitted until they send out acceptance letters at the end of July and get responses. So has anyone gotten in to a program under these kind of circumstances? My biggest concern is that I live in a different town to far to commute and my lease ends July. So I could move to the town where the school is not knowing if I am in or I have to renew my lease for six months (they won't let me do month to month). I currently work from home so I'm not too worried about loosing income and the cost of living in the college town is a bit cheaper then my current location.
  15. DarkLotus

    Help with OB!!!

    My answer comes from the perspective of a mom not as a nurse. The LMP IS two weeks prior to conception. Did you take into consideration that most months are 4 weeks and two days so over the span of six months there would be about 'two weeks' worth of extra days....
  16. DarkLotus

    Need Help With Patho

    Thanks everyone for getting me thinking! I have decided I am going with hydrocephalus for what is caused by uneven pressure in the brain. I think this article along with your responses would make it correct... Demonstration of uneven distribution of intracra... [J Neurosurg. 2008] - PubMed - NCBI I am going to go with MS for the second answer instead of GBS. Hopefully when it is on the test only one of those diseases will be given in the multiple choices or more information in the question.