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shay&lynn has 4 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Nursing Assistant.

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  1. shay&lynn

    Pearson Vue Trick on iPhone--any problems?

    Hi there. I tried the trick on my iPhone as well after I tested. Worked for me. Good Luck!
  2. shay&lynn

    Pearson Vue Trick

    there are TONS of threads regarding this very same question...i would read the current postings to find out.
  3. shay&lynn


    Took NCLEX yesterday...screen went blank at 75 questions... I did the PVT and it proceeded to give me the 'good pop up', it also gave me the good pop up the other 100 times I checked - yes, I am a bit OCD, Lol. I am just really doubting the trick right now...I keep thinking of questions I had and then look up the answers only to find out I did not get them right. This wait is torturing me! Hoping to have something on the board today...
  4. shay&lynn

    Nursing Pinning Ceremony

    I have my nursing pinning ceremony in December, less than two months away! I want to purchase a pin that is personalized, which holds some meaning to me... I have been looking online and found a beautiful sterling silver diamond pin which has a blue diamond at the top. The pin has the RN emblem and says RN on it. The blue diamond represents my husband and son's birthstone colors, whom have been my biggest supporters thru my journey. Looking for opinions, as a graduate of a RN program, does that seem to be appropriate even though I am not officially an RN yet? Looking for feedback!
  5. shay&lynn

    Nursing School

    I am not familar with the Arizone State University program, so I would ask someone who has attended or is currently attending to get more information. Everyone varies as to how many hours they can handle of work...for everyones situation varies... Since you have the ability to self schedule, that is a good thing...it could either work for you, but it could work against you. The school that I am attending has a very busy curriculum which keeps us very busy, so for me to work 43 hours a week, it would be out of the question. Sorry I can't offer much advice, most advice you will get will probably be based on how someone is handling the situation themselves, which isn't your case. Good Luck!
  6. shay&lynn

    How hard is the new NCLEX 2013 Test Plan

    Did you get official results yet?
  7. shay&lynn

    In need of some study tips!

    Are we long lost relatives?! 14 hrs a day sounds like me! Sent from my iPhone using allnurses.com
  8. shay&lynn

    Pathophysiology online?

  9. shay&lynn

    Pathophysiology online?

  10. shay&lynn

    Pathophysiology online?

    Hi there. In my second semester I took Pathophys online. I love the online option (I have a long commute). Have you taken an online class? If so, how did you do? Sent from my iPhone using allnurses.com
  11. shay&lynn

    Facebook: Should I Just Give in and Join?

  12. Do you have an iPhone? Possibly an iPad or iPod Touch?
  13. shay&lynn

    therapeutic response: schizophrenic hearing voices

    Thanks for letting us know :) Sent from my iPhone using allnurses.com
  14. shay&lynn

    Class of 2015

    I have that clipboard, love it!
  15. shay&lynn

    therapeutic response: schizophrenic hearing voices

    I would go with C. What was the correct answer? Sent from my iPhone using allnurses.com
  16. shay&lynn

    Anyone who has taken the NCLEX RN after April 1st?

    Did you use anything to study for the SATA's? If not, any recommendations on how to tackle them? Sent from my iPhone using allnurses.com