How in debt were you after Nursing school?

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    I'm trying to figure out how much debt I'll accumulate after completing my BSN. If my calculations are right it will be somewhere round $51 000 ! :/ How in debt were you?
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    Not a damn dime. But that was a long time ago and I worked 24hr/week and every vaca day, too.
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    I'll have $27,500. My goal will be to pay that off within 5 years so I can get back to grad school. I will not go back until my undergrad is paid off. I'm not adding more debt on top of what I'll already have.
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    I went to a community college that was around 110$ per credit hour. I paid as I went, never took out loans. Graduated December 2012 with no debt, passed the NCLEX Jan 10th, and now have multiple job offers!Thankful I did it the debt free way.
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    I'm starting to get worried about that. I'll be graduating in August with my ADN and I basically just signed for my loans because at the time, I didn't have another option, no money saved up, no scholarships. Now, with my hindsight, I really wished I would have done some work-study or something! I think I'll be under the 20 k mark when I graduate.
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    I'm going tuition-free for my ADN thanks to a scholarship. Then I start my BSN portion in June 2014, and that should run me around 8k. I won't have time between the programs to find a job (and have them pay for the BSN), so I'm assuming I'll end up that much in debt if I can't pay as I go.

    As far as straight BSN programs, the ones around me tend to run around 20k.
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    Nursing degree will cost me about $15,000, but I defer the fee to a government interest free loan that I don't have to pay back until I earn over $55,000 odd. Could not afford it otherwise!!
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    Around $90K. Graduated in '07 and still have around $45K.
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    Okay, Everybody!
    Let's hear Hygiene say it again (because I've only told this 600 times since I've joined AN)
    My education was FREE! FREE! FREE! Or darn close to it.
    Tuition reimbursement and a scholarship through work...
    Debt free, baby!
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    Welllll. I'm in my 3rd semester. I have four more to go. I've been paying for school via grants, out-of-pocket, and subsidized student loans. So far, I have accumulated $6,750 worth of debt. I'm trying to get scholarships, but no luck so far.