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ChrisMarie09 has 4 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. ChrisMarie09

    Outrageous Complaints

    A lot of these are from our monthly discharge survey reports: "You should have soft serve available to families on the floor." "My 15 year old son was placed in a room next to a baby. It cried all night. Unacceptable." "The nurse didn't come in right away while my baby was crying. I was trying to take a nap." Phone call at 1AM from an angry parent because we told her 7 year old it was time to turn off the TV/lights and go to bed at midnight and scolded him for throwing Connect 4 at a volunteer earlier in the day. "I'm paying for that hospital room. He can do whatever and act however he wants." Mom of a elbow fracture kid ask if she goes down to OR to talk to someone will they take her child sooner. When I tried to explain that they take patients as based on urgency of care and severity of injury she yelled "My kid has a broken arm! What could be more urgent than that?!?!" Hmmmm maybe the 8 year old on the news right now that got shot in a drive by this morning on his way to school... There are at least 2-3 parents every week who ask "can somebody come sit with my baby while I run to the car/to get food really quick". "Car" could mean various things, and quick could be 15 minutes or 6 hours. Also, not always a baby. It has been a developmentally appropriate teenager once who barely looked up from their phone when you were talking to them. At least one of those will get sent survey and send it back every month.
  2. ChrisMarie09

    Do you go to work with vomiting/diarrhea?

    I absolutely do not. Thankfully have only had to call in for GI symptoms twice. First time was working my old job with a crummy manager (but awesome staff and shift supervisors who were very understanding of the fact that I was legitimately miserable) and she flipped out until I told her they were going to send me to the ED if the 6th IV poke wasn't successful and I wasn't about to risk giving our chemo patients with no immune system whatever I had (onc floor who got med/surg overflow & borderline ICU medical). Second time was at my current job, no issue. Probably because we knew the kid had noro, and despite being in contact isolation, every nurse who had taken care of him that week got sick with GI symptoms. I don't know about where you guys work but I'd LOVE it if infection control at my hospital would change their policy for noro and make it contact/droplet. I mean most of the times when kids have it they're so miserable that their coughy, sneezey, and snotty too. I can function through work with a migraine, a cold, bronchitis, severe pregnancy nausea/vomiting, but full blown GI bug symptoms out of both ends...not going to happen.
  3. ChrisMarie09

    Terminating employment - advice needed!

    When I left a bad situation a year ago (I left at the beginning of a mass exudous), I simply told my manager that I was pursuing an opportunity to aligned better with my goals as a nurse.
  4. ChrisMarie09

    Look for new job or stay put?

    I just need some "what would you do in my situation" advice. Currently I work 0.6 day shift, two 12 hours shifts a week and about a 40 minute, 35 mile drive each way. I honestly enjoy my job but I'm in a rut financially and I need to work more. I try to pick up 8-12 hours every pay period but those always run the risk of being cancelled so I can't rely on that money. I've also asked if I can keep my current 6 week rotational schedule and just add 1-2 shifts a pay period and that was quickly shot down. So right now I'm debating what I should do. 1) I've tossed around the idea of taking a part-time non-nursing job close to home as supplemental income while staying at my current job. 2) I've considered applying for a peds allergy/immunology clinic opening at my current location just obviously a clinic setting vs. inpatient, however that would put me at the same commute 5 days per week. But it is also a specialty I've always been interested in because of my own health needs and is something I could see myself doing as an NP down the road. 3) I've also considered applying for an urgent care clinic 10 minutes from my house. This is another area that I could see myself as an NP. My biggest issue with that is I work in pediatrics now and it is what I always wanted to do and something I enjoy. I'd hate to give that up so soon. So like I said, I'm just hoping to get some opinions on what others might do in my situation.
  5. ChrisMarie09

    What did you do before nursing?

    Worked at Target in HS. In college I was a advising center receptionist, dog walker/doggie daycare worker, nanny, waitress/bartender and gymnastics coach.
  6. ChrisMarie09

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    WI $24.75, $1.75 evening diff, $1.50 weekends New grad Inpatient oncology
  7. ChrisMarie09

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    I know of a few who opted for the skype interview in the past few years and were offered. I think they understand that most of the applicants are neck deep in their last semester and simply cannot miss the clinical time to fly out so that is why they give the option. I would think there are probably more people than we think who opt for the skype route.
  8. ChrisMarie09

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    If I had been offered I probably would've have opted for the skype interview option. Paying for a plane ticket and hotel room is not in the budget whatsoever right now.
  9. ChrisMarie09

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    I was wait listed for Peds Acute & Specialty. Disappointed but not the end of the world.
  10. ChrisMarie09

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    I didn't recieve an email about a pilot residency either but I believe I also unchecked the spot where they ask if you'd like to receive emails about job openings. Still waiting though. I'm ready to hear back either way.
  11. ChrisMarie09

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    You enter your instructors email and it automatically sends them whatever form it is they need to fill out. It's all done electronically.
  12. ChrisMarie09

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    I'm just waiting on references to come in then I can submit my app. I'm applying for the pediatric acute & specialty care track. I'm from WI and have been licensed here for 2 months and can't seem find a job around here. I initially planned on applying for the Summer 2014 cohort but last fall's semester was extremely busy and it slipped my mind. By the time I remembered there was 5 days left to submit everything so I just let it go. I was so upset with myself for forgetting because I've wanted to apply for this program since high school. GPA was 3.79, volunteer with Children's Miracle Network and the local children's hospital. I don't work in healthcare but I work with kids (and subsequently have plenty of experience dealing with their families ). Volunteered here and there with hearing and vision screenings at schools. Was a part of my school's SNA as well as had memberships with WSNA and NSNA. We'll see how it goes I guess.
  13. ChrisMarie09

    Time for endorsement?

    Thank you everyone for your responses. I was offered a position at this job and opted not to take it for various reasons. The first being that I knew it would be unlikely that I would have either a temp or permanent license by the start date. The other being based on advice from numerous family members who previously worked there and feelings I got from the interview process, that this particular hospital as a whole was not going to be a good fit for me personally. I was licensed in WI last Friday (20th) and currently gathering all the paperwork to endorse in IL. Hopefully I will be able to get the packet sent out and an appointment for fingerprints before the weekend. I will update more as the process moves along.
  14. ChrisMarie09

    Time for endorsement?

    Anybody recently have their license endorsed in IL? I'm looking for a general timeline, preferably for endorsing during the summer months. I am anticipating about a month between the NCLEX and the possible start of a job. I've heard that IL is notoriously slow year round but especially this time of year. I am thinking that I could expedite the process by doing the electronic fingerprinting and hand delivering my forms to the office in Springfield. I had somebody from HR basically tell me to forget about the process being almost done in WI (expecting my ATT this week) and apply via examination in IL. That to me seems like it would take just as long and be cutting it just as close in terms of being IL licensed in time.
  15. ChrisMarie09

    Aurora Hiring Process

    I applied, interviewed and shadowed on a unit and despite calling, I heard nothing for about a month until I got a call from another unit to come interview. That manager asked me where else I had interviewed, I told her, and apparently the manager is not longer working for St. Luke's and that unit was not going to hire anybody until they got a new manager. Nobody had said anything any of the times I called when I asked about that unit. Not even a "we've made the decision not to hire anybody right now." I ended up not being offered the second position and received an email stating they are no longer considering me for GN positions. I've been applying to other places and have several interviews schedule so really its no skin off my back. I just ended up in an unlucky situation with the initial position I was being considered for being removed.
  16. ChrisMarie09

    Interviews- University of Iowa Residency

    I have interviews with general peds and med-surg oncology in a couple weeks. I was wondering myself if they way they interview for the residency similar to how they do so for the Summer 10 program, which in my opinion was rather laid back.