Does CNA job helps in Nursing School?

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    Hello I am starting my ADN program soon and I currently working full time as assistant store manger, I am planning to quit my job soon and work full time as CNA because both jobs paying the same, I am a little bit hesitating about it becuase I really don't know if CNA job helps me in my future career as a nurse or not.

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    I have heard numerous times that the best RN's were once CNA's. I believe it will help you further grasp the information you learn in NS while getting you hands on experience.

    Its exactly why I will sit for my CNA exam after my first semester in my program. Im going for my BSN.
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    I don't think it helps you in school, per se, but it will help you in the real world. If nothing else, as long as you do a good job, you'll be an internal candidate for RN positions.
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    It was the current CNA's, certified medical assistants, EMT's etc. in my first clinical rotation that didn't hesitate to jump in and get the work done. Yeah, class was just as hard for them as it was for the rest of us, but they began with a level of comfort and confidence that may have hindered the rest of us. If in doubt, I asked the CMA before the daunting task of asking the instructor. PLUS she knew the fundamentals of proper equipment use, showers, toileting, etc. Very valuable skills we learned from her. Nursing school is stressful beyond explanation, and ANYTHING to help alleviate one piece of that trauma is worth it.
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    Yes it helps with patient care bedside manner and possibly a job in the long run
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    I think it helps you more as a nurse and a person, It is hard to do a job if you dont know about the people that do work below you.
    Bedside manner, basic skills, by the time you are a nurse you will be fast at doing basic procedures. The CNA will not always be there so the faster you are at little things, the less stressful your overall job can be.

    Be careful with connecting real world with the nclex.
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    I feel it can help you in numerous ways. You'll be comfortable with patients, since you'll have already been working with them in the same way that RNs do, you'll have a good idea what to expect as a nurse, you can make contacts that can be helpful when you're ready to start looking for a job, you'll already have the basic skills down when you're in school, which means you can focus on the harder stuff, the list goes on. I think it's a great idea!
    My program requires that we get certified prior to starting, so that we at least have the basic skills like vitals, linen changes, etc down and we can move on from there.
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    I worked a summer as a nursing assistant and it helped me a great deal. I couldn't keep up with working and school, so I quit the job but I'm glad I had some experience. I think it helped to have on my resume when getting my first RN job as well.

    I was nervous around patients and just felt uncomfortable and clueless in the hospital my first semester of nursing school. I look back and think I was just a kid, of course I was clueless. My only other job was being a host then a server at a restaurant. My 1st semester instructor recommended (in a not very nice way btw) that I get hands on experience over the summer and I did. It helped build my confidence.
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    Pros: Better knowledge of the hospital/caregiving and internal job offers

    Cons: Boring work and high burnout
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    It helps me a lot. The girls in my clinical rotation have pointed out to me how comfortable I look and it has helped with my time management.
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