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  1. What you guys drive for a long commute?

    I drive Toyota Camry but my job was like 10 minutes from me and driving was no issue but during the Winter time between snowing/ice these 10 minutes can turn to like an hour. I'm starting new job much better than my current job and worth the drive an...
  2. What you guys drive for a long commute?

    Actually I was looking to get Subaru Forster the sport edition . I think this will be the car I'm getting before Winter especially I will be driving long distance in icy/snowy weather. How do you like the Forster?
  3. What you guys drive for a long commute?

    Hi I live in Ohio and its all highway drive, no traffic or anything, but the Winter here is nasty so I'm taking in consideration the nasty weather during the Winter season.
  4. Hello, I accepted a job about an hour from where I live in a different state and I have no intentions to move from my town at all and I want to invest in a car since I'm driving an older car. For the nurses who commute long distances what is your adv...
  5. VA hiring process 2020

    Hi, I'm starting the end of May and my hiring papers seems a permanent not temporary position. I'm looking what kinds of medical insurance I need to choose, if someone have any idea which medical plan is the best please let me know.
  6. VA hiring process 2020

    Mine was expedited but permanent, I actually did all the steps they needed like Vetpro and everything else.
  7. VA hiring process 2020

    Yes mine too, they didn't even have the time for the board to discuss grade so HR put me as a nurse II level 12 and I did all paper work including Vetpro in like a week, they send me the firm offer before physical and finger prints which is now a par...
  8. VA hiring process 2020

    I'm sure you will hear something and I would suggest calling their HR. I did that Monday morning and got my offer end o f the day !!
  9. VA hiring process 2020

    I received an email about my offer yesterday and it includes all the info I need for insurance and benefits and also starting date. I'm going to the VA from a state hospital with good benefits and pay but seriously nothing you can compare to the VA p...
  10. VA hiring process 2020

    I'm a float nurse and the position that I'm going to is ICU, in the dimensions I basically put many examples of my nursing practice, sometimes I had to repeat the same example for some of the question and sometimes I included like 2-3 examples from m...
  11. VA hiring process 2020

    I just provided everything fast to them
  12. VA hiring process 2020

    I did all the steps. They emailed the references which is my current 3 mangers and all give me a good reference. I done vetpro and nursing dimensions and all of that.
  13. VA hiring process 2020

    COVID actually expedited my hiring process, I was given the firm offer withing one month from interview. Pay close to 90 k with almost 4 years experience as a float RN
  14. VA hiring process

    They called me from the VA yesterday and they actually gave me a firm offer very quickly, they said they expedite my process due to COIVD 19. I have 3 years experience in acute care as a float nurse and they hire me as a nurse II level 12 which I'm r...
  15. VA hiring process

    Hello, Last month I applied at the VA hospital one hour away from me and in different state, anyway I contacted nursing recruiter which she mange to do skype interview with me and another two mangers due to COVID 19 pandemic. My hiring experience loo...