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  1. erifica

    About to quit med-surg

    I can't even fathom 7:1 on med surg without an aide on days. I wouldn't feel safe. The hospital I work med surg is 4:1 days. The hospital scores very well on safety. It is hard but doable. I worked med surg 1.5 years full time and now I work per diem...
  2. Taking a blood sugar is nursing judgement. If your patient has signs and symptoms of hypo or hyperglycemia then I would take the blood sugar. I would document the rationale. I would also call the doctor and question why the patient isn't on blood sug...
  3. erifica

    So disappointed in hospital RNs and MDs

    I work on med surg. I do a full head to toe twice a day and focused assessments if something seems different. I usually have four patients; sometimes five. I'm new to the profession. I even do it on "psych" patients. If they're there for a medical re...
  4. erifica

    The first year

    I'm in my first year of nursing. I work med-surg. Most days, I like it. I may be stressed but I still like being a nurse. Yesterday, was NOT one of those days. I am having stress at home and that doesn't help. I was not feeling well and unfortunately...
  5. erifica

    Work as CNA with RN License? Is this allowed?

    Can't work as an aide if you have your rn. You are not an aide anymore. At least you can't in Maine.
  6. erifica

    Walked in on a pt rolling a joint

    People can roll cigarettes too, just sayin'. Not that it really matters.
  7. erifica

    Failed NCLEX-RN

    This is a free resource. Nurseslabs | For All Your Nursing Needs I would recommend in investing the money in a review if you can though.
  8. erifica

    I guess I passed? 75 Questions :)

    Was the delivery successful when you did the trick? If so, sounds like you passed! :)
  9. erifica

    NCLEX Mastery: What are your percentages?

    I answered 1056 questions. 66.4% were correct. 33.6% incorrect. Strongest subject was labs and weakest was pediatrics. I passed NCLEX-RN on June 9th with 75 questions. I didn't use the nclex mastery app alone to prepare.
  10. erifica

    Pearson Vue trick 2014 -still works!

    I just wanted to update, the pop up works. I checked my BON site and I am listed as active registered nurse!!! Good luck to everyone waiting!
  11. erifica

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG!!!!!!!

    If the original poster is working as a cna still (last activity was on those boards), why is this post up? Sounds like the trick was right...
  12. erifica

    Pearson Vue trick 2014 -still works!

    Okay, so I took mine today. It was really hard. Lots of challenging questions. Things I had never heard of. By the end of the exam, I felt like I was answering questions correctly but they were still very hard; required a lot of thinking. Anyway, it ...
  13. erifica


    Our grade scale has anything in the way of a B ending at 83. Needless to say, I got many a C+ and I was very happy to do so. I wouldn't call anyone in my nursing program a slacker; even those that didn't make it. Nursing school was hard.
  14. erifica

    Don't go into nursing school if_____

    Being a nurse and being overweight are not necessarily related. Try putting into a calorie burn calculator just how many calories are burned on a 12 hour shift. As I stated before, eating more calories than you need for your body is how you become ov...
  15. erifica

    Does CNA job helps in Nursing School?

    I'm not sure if being a cna before nursing school helps with nursing school. I work as a cna per diem and worked full time this summer between my first and second year. I'll graduate with my adn this May. I think working as a cna has helped me tremen...