Dismissed from nursing school...fought back and won in court!

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    I would like to share my account of what happened to me the final semester in nursing school...how I failed the final semester of nursing school, was dismissed from nursing school, then fought back and won in monumental proportions in court.

    There is much disturbing evidence and testimony to indicate that I was used by my nursing school as a cover up for an egregious grade fixing scandal by them. Upon information and belief, I sued on counts of fraud, discrimination, and breach of contract (breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealings).

    I have not the time now to fill in on details. But would like to add that the school used a rather clever and deceptive way to fix the entire outcome of a semester gone bad.

    Please share your thoughts on this...more details coming later.
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    My thought is this: I want to hear more about your situation. when I researched online "schools" of nursing, including nearby Union University, I was flabbergasted to find they can charge $40,000 and graduate less than half of the starting students - with no refund or compensation to the ones who drop!. Reeks of fraud!
    It's only a matter of time before there is some control put into place over this deceptive profit scheme, and then chapter one of nursing texts will tell of the dark ages before the 2014 nursing school administration reform. Perhaps they'll mention your case as precedent if 28 students actually failed!
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    Amazing-- tell us more! I am so interested to read your details.
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    Without details, can't really comment or discuss.
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    Quote from SopranoKris
    Without details, can't really comment or discuss.
    Pretty much.
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    I want to hear more!
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    Why start a thread with 1/4 of the information and want people to comment on the situation? No one knows what happened beside you sued your school.
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    I googled it and found the story
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    Well is there a link?
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