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I'm thinking of buying a tablet to use for lecture days. My instructor uses power point slides and I'm looking for a tablet that I can view edit and save PowerPoint and word. I have done some research and I know for sure I'm not... Read More

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy tab 2. The 7.0 it fits in my scrub pocket and is great for use during lecture. It comes with a standard app named polaris office. It has word office, adobe pdf, power point and some type of spreadsheet I don't use. I use it during class and it lets you open your power point from class, edit them, and add notes at the bottom of the slides. It also lets you save stuff to the cloud or dropbox. I can log into my school website and see my classes, do quiz and check email. Ive taken it to clinicals and used it for notes. Its a really affordable tablet. I paid 179.00 at Best buy. I use it for everything. Im in my last term of nursing school and It is truly student friendly. Not to mention we don't have much money but the price is great for the product. Its awesome.
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