You won't believe.....

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    True story from this morning---

    I'm in break room , reading document student comes in to use computer to preview pts for clinical tomorrow

    Hi I'm Sally student

    Me - still intent on document--mumbles hi

    *silence *

    Student --I guess you don't like students I've heard about nurses eating their young

    Me: still reading--huhh?

    Really? Give me a break
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    That makes me think of a cartoon from a New Yorker magazine I had on my fridge until it disintegrated. It showed a middle-aged man answering the phone.

    He says: "No, my wife isn't home right now. She's out taking umbrage."
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    Oh boy. And I congratulate you on your ability to restrain yourself for pounding that clueless twit into next week.

    Did I say that out loud??
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    Hahaha... I probably would have responded "Yes, I don't like you because you are bothering me with stupid nonsense while I am trying to work."
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    Lol , everyone. I can only imagine my day if she happens to be with me tomorrow😜
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    aw, she'll be FUN in clinicals.

    Just wait.
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    In defense of the student....I would have looked up and smiled and said "Hi.... I'm Esme, is there something I can help you with?"....she is after all a stranger in your breakroom.

    I tell my kids, manners my daughter enters the nursing world I also explain to her to remain polite regardless of any rudeness she may perceive or encounter as she enters the adult world.
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    I wonder if she's a first semester student with little exposure to hospital culture- in that case I would have corrected her gently.

    Now if she's actively trying to kill your patient (ex. trying to give the wrong med without knowing why), that's a different matter entirely.
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    I am with Esme here. I go way way WAY out of my way for students. Many times the make the difference between a horrible shift and a bearable shift. Plus I love the chance to help shape a new nurse and show them the way things are done properly. We just got a fresh crop yesterday...first semester, very first time on a hospital floor. By the end of the day they were all thrilled and super excited and super motivated. They thanked us for being so kind to them. When I was a student I was frequently treated horribly. Every nurse out there was once a student. It is a shame that some of them have forgotten where they came from......
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    Agree with esme & mindlor.

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