You won't believe.....

  1. True story from this morning---

    I'm in break room , reading document student comes in to use computer to preview pts for clinical tomorrow

    Hi I'm Sally student

    Me - still intent on document--mumbles hi

    *silence *

    Student --I guess you don't like students I've heard about nurses eating their young

    Me: still reading--huhh?

    Really? Give me a break
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  3. by   sharpeimom
    That makes me think of a cartoon from a New Yorker magazine I had on my fridge until it disintegrated. It showed a middle-aged man answering the phone.

    He says: "No, my wife isn't home right now. She's out taking umbrage."
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  4. by   MomaNurse
    Oh boy. And I congratulate you on your ability to restrain yourself for pounding that clueless twit into next week.

    Did I say that out loud??
  5. by   KelRN215
    Hahaha... I probably would have responded "Yes, I don't like you because you are bothering me with stupid nonsense while I am trying to work."
  6. by   NanikRN
    Lol , everyone. I can only imagine my day if she happens to be with me tomorrow😜
  7. by   RNsRWe
    aw, she'll be FUN in clinicals.

    Just wait.
  8. by   Esme12
    In defense of the student....I would have looked up and smiled and said "Hi.... I'm Esme, is there something I can help you with?"....she is after all a stranger in your breakroom.

    I tell my kids, manners my daughter enters the nursing world I also explain to her to remain polite regardless of any rudeness she may perceive or encounter as she enters the adult world.
  9. by   Wrench Party
    I wonder if she's a first semester student with little exposure to hospital culture- in that case I would have corrected her gently.

    Now if she's actively trying to kill your patient (ex. trying to give the wrong med without knowing why), that's a different matter entirely.
  10. by   mindlor
    I am with Esme here. I go way way WAY out of my way for students. Many times the make the difference between a horrible shift and a bearable shift. Plus I love the chance to help shape a new nurse and show them the way things are done properly. We just got a fresh crop yesterday...first semester, very first time on a hospital floor. By the end of the day they were all thrilled and super excited and super motivated. They thanked us for being so kind to them. When I was a student I was frequently treated horribly. Every nurse out there was once a student. It is a shame that some of them have forgotten where they came from......
  11. by   emtb2rn
    Agree with esme & mindlor.
  12. by   not.done.yet
    I am majoring in education and love love love students. I agree with both sides represented here frankly.

    Making students feel welcome is important. It is nice to make them feel good about being there. However, in any social situation if someone is engrossed in reading something it is considered rude to interrupt. This situation is no different. The student was in the wrong. The fact that she/he was a student is nothing more than an aside. The student was rude, period.

    It would have been nice had the OP chosen to be more warm to the student and forgiven his/her social blunder but the OP was in no way obligated to. A cool "hello" is all that was required and all the student got. The student's reaction to not getting the "warm and fuzzy" he/she was hoping for was over-the-top and not terribly politically wise.
  13. by   golbarg
  14. by   HappyWife77
    You could have said.....Your safe i just had lunch!!