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NanikRN specializes in Oncology, Rehab, Public Health, Med Surg.

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  1. NanikRN

    Feedback appreciated

    Why would anyone want to divert Haldol? Is this a thing?
  2. Also entirely possible that she wants you to do,CNA work cause youre good at it Maybe she has trouble finding others to do a job as well. If so, its a one-sided arrangement. Shes getting what she wants/needs without considering your needs. Move on...
  3. NanikRN

    Implanted Ports & Heparin Flushes

    Same at our unit
  4. NanikRN

    Lpn & asn are are being phased out.

    Never going to happen. I was told this when I graduated as a LVN over 30 years ago. Granted, job descrition has changed and There's not as many opportunities for the LVN. But phase them out---nope
  5. NanikRN

    It's the 1st of July

    Advice i give the ones that ask and yes, we do get new docs smart enough to ask, : be nice to the nursing staff and always have a reason for what you do. I love watching them grow from first years on
  6. NanikRN

    Questions from My wheelchair about Nursing

    I think you could get a job as a experienced nurse in a wheelchair. Probably not many openings in the hospital unless maybe education. There are phone triage, case management, nurse educators, even some Dr office jobs could be workable outside of hospitals. As a new grad Experience might be an issue but with the right attitude and perseverance, you could overcome that. Having said that, I don't know how you could do nursing school. As a RN you could skip jobs that require more physical skills than you're able to do. As a student, you can't skip anything. I hope you find a way, though, and please keep us updated
  7. NanikRN

    Respect the letters

    I'm guessing nothing is wrong with Commuter. I was a LVN 6 years-- didnt get treated like that either
  8. What are the things that keep you here at this hospital? How would you describe the nursing culture? What is your nurse retention rate? How many new nurses in last year? As a new nurse,what kind of growth opportunties would be available to me?
  9. Good job, OP! You were really watching out for your patient!
  10. NanikRN

    Nursing student asks nurses the question..

    References please? You keep getting told this was not the case. So back it up with some facts...
  11. NanikRN

    Nursing student asks nurses the question..

    I have been a nurse for well over 35 ish years With multiple jobs in many different areas. NEVER has having a student been in any of my job descriptions. The job description you're thinking of is Clinical Instructor, lol
  12. NanikRN

    Nursing student asks nurses the question..

    I know what you're saying about your experience-- you are a student nurse that says your observations "should have grabbed her attention". As if you know where her attention should be. Her attention was most likely where it should have been-- with her patient. Book knowledge is good but it doesnt trump the pt's nurses' both book knowledge and working knowledge. I didnt belittle your book knowledge-- i held up a mirror for you to see how you were presenting yourself.
  13. NanikRN

    Facebook and employers/school

  14. NanikRN

    Nursing student asks nurses the question..

    "Should have grabbed her attention". You truly think that you know better than this pt's nurse where her attention should be? If you know all this as a *** student***, why even bother to ask questions? Surely, with all your book experience, you already know the answer I dont blame her. I would not have engaged either
  15. NanikRN

    CNL information?

    Try tnis American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL)
  16. NanikRN

    Going to be fired?

    I believe this too. Cannot/ willnot believe this is teal

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