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    Feedback appreciated

    Why would anyone want to divert Haldol? Is this a thing?
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    Type B in a Type A world

    Ok, the like on this was meant to be a quote. And since I'm mobile, I can't change it Far is a kind soul; she was trying to encourage as well as instruct
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    About those new grads----!!!!!

    i worked with a awsome one today. It was really enjoyable to work with her. And she taught me something new👍😃 We have another one in Versant training that I think will be every bit as awesome.
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    Onc. Nurs here -- dexamethasone 10 mg and up can cause the genital burning if not diluted/ given slowly. We call it the ants-in-your-pants syndrome, fire ants that is!! I always give mine slowly out of compassion 😃
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    Is She Artistic or Autistic?

    Is she autistic or artitisic? Who cares?? She's herself, and she's wonderful!
  6. NanikRN

    It is a true calling or isn't it?

    This again? -- sigh-- I can be equipped to interact with patients and families in that" delicate and intimate time " without having what some consider a calling. I work oncology-am an OCN- work with all stages of the disease process and have done so for multiple years I an generally considered a valuable part of the team, end of life families ask for me to be their primary nurse. And I work hand in hand with pallaitive care and hospice all the time. I really don't have any business doing this because my reasons for doing this job doesn't fit your criteria?
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    LTC's are a joke

    I don't work LTC now but did about a million years ago, lol. These packets sound like they'd be the ideal solution Thanks for answering I like to hear how other specialties do things.
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    Nurse or Biologist?

    Have you thought any about microbiology in lab services? Pathology? Sounds like maybe areas you might be interested in Pressure or not, take the time to find out what you're really interested in. Talk to your school guidance counsler- talk with some of your science teachers. Nursing is a hard job. It's even harder if your interests lie elsewhere. Good luck to you -- sounds like you'll do well no matter what you choose
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    Boldness to Speak

    OP judging classmates as not quite Christian enough -as per her initial post- seems intolerant to me And, of course not all Christians are intolerant. No one ever said that. We are talking about specific actions as reported by OP
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    About those new grads----!!!!!

    Above has not been my experience. The new nurses I am referencing (and the many I worked with before) are strong enough in themselves that others don't " make" them feel anything. And I would strongly disagree that negative workplaces like you mention are common. Sounds like you were smart enough to determine that your former workplace wasn't for you. i have confidence that most new nurses also have that same ability
  11. NanikRN

    Do I need to tell njbon about juvenile case?

    Seriously? You went to JD for lying to get out of gym class? You didn't forge her signature for anything else? Was this a scared-straight kind of experience? I don't know if you should disclose or not. If it didnt come up when you were a state/ county employee, I would think it's not available for others to see. Maybe you should consult with one of the nurse-lawyers that specialize in board interactions
  12. NanikRN

    Boldness to Speak

    This OP, I would find your actions very offensive. And I would advocate for my patients to make sure you were not doing these actions to them. And if you were, I'd strongly advocate that you find a job where the philosophy is much more in allidnment with yours.
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    About those new grads----!!!!!

    This is actually my experience also. Just like the frequent failed NCLEX postings we see on this site, I think we hear much more negative than true positive experiences about new grads. And I think it's valuable to say the positive outloud every once in a while. 👍😃
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    LTC's are a joke

    I really like the idea of the packets. Is there a guide to which pill is which? When grandma takes 12 pills at breakfast and you have to take one out, which blue pill is it? And do you have extra pills? What if the metoprolol is increased? How do you add in?
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    Studying for OCN

    Jones & Bartlett online question review
  16. NanikRN

    Thrown From the Tower!!

    Wouldn't have a job at my workplace. I think your sup is being generous
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    How Do I Tell My Boss?

    Just tell her your story. Honestly, she'll understand your reasons given the way you describe her. And let her know how much you appreciate her
  18. NanikRN

    Officially tired and worn out from studying Nclex RN

    Thank you for your service, SailorNurse
  19. NanikRN

    Not new RN, but orienting and feel DUMB

    I can relate--i went back to hospital nursing after being out for more than 15 years! Wait it out-- you'll learn the new stuff and the old stuff will come back Look on internet/ youtube for tutorials on what you need to know- you'd be amazed at what's out there. What computer system is it? Good luck. You can do this!
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    Ever have a patient complain about you?

    Awesome!! Awesome response from you and awesome support from your DON !!
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    The Nurse on the Other Side

    Chest pain--circulation Cardiac arrest- airway Circulation Chronic pain-- chronic condition that does indeed require attention but not emergent as others Yep-- I think pp had priorities exactly right. Most chronic pain patients don't find solutions in ERs-- perhaps short term relief but answers are found ( hopefully!) in testing and meds on unit or with specialized drs. So in that sense, ER is not the best place for chronic pain patients to find answers
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    Should Our Study Group Allow a Failing Student to Join?

    Help struggling student/ don't help struggling student--your decision. But don't make the mistake of thinking that someone not doing well in those classes will "weed out" all those irresponsible horrible people who shouldn't even be in healthcare . Read the stories on this site of people that struggle and overcome. Or struggle ,fail, and come back stronger than ever. Perhaps even a stronger better nurse for that experience. You're not responsible for other student's sucesss or failures. But neither are you responsible for judging their fitness as future nurses.
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    First job & LTAC is not for me.

    Just now returning to this thread. Katie above is correct about creditionals You do yourself NO favors by telling anyone. If you get the job, they still wont like it. If you dont get the job, you'll have a target on your back. Trust me on this one
  24. NanikRN

    First job & LTAC is not for me.

    If you take nothing else from this thread, take this to heart-- do not, do not tell your manager you're looking!! Or anyone else no matter how nice, how supportive. Just don't 🔴
  25. NanikRN

    Are most new grad RN preceptors like this on the first day?

    Another strong strong caution---- Do. Not. Rush. Your. Medications. ---ever!

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