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You know you've been a nurse too long when you can't enjoy a movie because of the half minute of CPR compressions only being given at about 50 per minute, with bent arms and there's a flat line on the monitor DURING the... Read More

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    Quote from Blondenurse83
    When I noticed the veins popping out of the arm of the statute of David in Italy and I was thinking, I could get an IV in him, no problem!
    I noticed those wonderful veins too! It didn't occur to me then (I was in my late 20's) that I had noticed his veins before I had noticed his great arse! Yep! Must be getting old!
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    You go to change your nieces diaper for the first time, and you wonder where the gloves are...
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    You know that your bladder can hold at least 2 liters of concentrated urine.
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    When you note the location of the AED in public places...

    When the people around town all start to look familiar...

    When you give your family Scary Nurse Lectures about not drinking enough fluids (mom) or taking blood pressure pills (dad)...

    When you see a little old lady at the grocery store on a windy day and think to yourself, "hip fracture just waiting to happen"...
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    When you have to use the bathroom but ignore it because you have a gazillion things to do then you realize you are off. Or you automatically hand someone a tissue and sanitizer when they start coughing. And why in the heck do I carry this stuff in my purse in the first place lol.

    But now when I have to go I go. Unless it's an emergency the patients and tasks can wait.

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    ... when you're at a restaurant, mall food court, family gathering, wedding reception, etc and you hear someone vigorously coughing. You stop chewing or talking, turn head & locate cougher. You wait for the next couple deep inhalations before you move into next phase of Heimlich Maneuver.

    ... when you see WeepingAngel's little old lady on icy slippery sidewalk or her husband with snow shovel during a blizzard and think --- here it comes!!!
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    ... when watching movies or TV shows and a character names a medication that has side effects that totally doesn't match
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    You are hanging out with your friends and the on of them falls and you automatically start thinking you need to get immeadiate vitals and fill out an incident report.
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    You know you have worked too many hours when you answer your cell phone "dialysis this serenidad how can I help you"
    Or when you are out to eat and hear someone coughing and this "sounds like they are aspirating" and want to suggest a swallow study.
    When you are writing a note for your kids of chores to do or something to take to school and you find yourself writing in nursing abbreviations - done that more times than I can count
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    When you get ready to give your cat insulin and you look for someone to double check your insulin dose. Hey, Pepper the real cat, is this the right dose?

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