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  1. 0 Just curious, does working Mon thru Fri make you feel less of a nurse?I work in a rehab center with e/o weekend. My coworkers say they would feel like they weren't a nurse if they worked those hours. What do you think??
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    Perhaps you could reflect on their comments while you spend a pleasant weekend with your family/friends as they're schlepping off to work on a Saturday?
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    I don't think your co workers make sence at all. If you are working as a nurse you should feel like a nurse. Who cares what hours, and what days you work. That has nobearing on feeling like you are a nurse. It is the place, and the work you do that make you a nurse not the hours. That's crazy.
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    Do YOU feel like a nurse....'nuff said.

    Seriously, I don't know how no weekends would make one feel less of a nurse...They may like working three days versus five days-I know I would-I like four days off...but I have, and I like weekends off, really doesn't make a difference, hence my first line...let them rotate on those weekends, while you get your weekends off.
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    As long as the state board of nursing says I'm a nurse, I'll continue to feel like a nurse regardless of the hours I choose to work.

    A person is not a lesser type of nurse because (s)he might have a Monday through Friday schedule.
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    They're probably jealous.
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    I work M-F, no evenings, no weekends, no holidays, and still feel 110% like a nurse.
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    Don't you know real nurses work every other weekend and do swing shifts and only work at the bedside? Anything less and you're not really a nurse.
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    I think that makes no sense. A nurse is not defined by their work schedule/hours of work.
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    Why would you be less of a nurse? You have a license, you are a nurse.
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    Are you doing the work of a nurse?
    I think your coworkers are jealous. I'm not sure why. I worked day shift med-surg 7-3 with few weekends or other shifts for a year and the workload just about killed me.
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    I've been an RN for 7 years and always worked M-F, 9-5. My whole career. Last I'm a nurse!
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    :: glances up at license and certs on the wall ::
    Lessee now, I haven't worked weekends (or bedside) for a long time, still pulling in a paycheck, yep...still a nurse. Your friends are full of (it).