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I'm betting that this particular post will cause a stir. But I'm curious which nursing profession is considered to be the coolest or most exciting or over all glamorous job in the nursing field. Is... Read More

  1. by   0.5GPA
    What I have learned is the best more glaroroius and sexy nursing job out there is an Ostomy Nurse.

    you should do that trust me on this
  2. by   TakuRN
    I don't know about glamorous when it comes to direct patient care, but Preop/PACU has to be the most fun, and least stressful job I've done, even with on call requirements. I left my job when I moved out of state and took a cardiac telemetry position on nights. Floor nursing is a grind, and I'm tired of the high patient ratios (6:1, lots of cardizem, heparin, amio drips, the occasional dopamine and dobutamine, so unsafe!)

    I am biding my time until another opportunity comes along. I miss my union job back home where everyone felt like they had a voice and patient safety was a top priority.
  3. by   ElvishDNP
    I get to watch new people be born and am one of the first ones to touch them. If they're pink and screaming I stand there and am a well paid cheerleader. If they're blue and unhappy to be earthside, I work on them til they're pink and screaming. It's pretty cool and definitely awesome, and gives me an occasional adrenaline rush.

    Sometimes we think they'll be ok at birth and they're not. Sometimes they've got anomalies that nobody knew about and I have to figure out on the fly how to handle it from a medical and family standpoint until NICU backup arrives. Sometimes they're born addicted or unwanted or to an 11yo who doesn't understand why she's having a baby. I've gotten blood (mother's and baby's), amniotic fluid, poop (mother's and baby's), pee (ditto), vomit, and pus on me.

    I like what I do, but I don't know that it's cool or glamorous. The good thing about being an old battle axe is that I don't care if it is or not. I like my job and I think I'm good at it, and that's what matters most to me.
  4. by   Marshall1
    Move along folks..nothing to see here..
  5. by   Dakeirus
    It was always my DREAAAMMMMM to work in the ICU and be the coolest and most knowledgeable nurse in the world unlike those floor nurses, who only know how to give meds.

    How awesome is it to have only 2 patients, clean **** 50-75% of the time, turn patients who are more than twice your size Q2H, and clean more ****?? And the best part is... you get to do it all by yourself because your PCA only works 3 days/wk and is not on your weekend!! Oh, and your coworkers cant always help either because their patient is actively trying to die on them.

    What an absolutely cool and glamorous job!!!
  6. by   chris21sn
    Glamorous ? The one with the most bowel movements. Especially those cdiff patients with psych problems