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Dakeirus has 6 years experience and specializes in ICU, PACU.

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  1. Sitting a patient on the floor

    Once a upon a time, I put the mattress of a stretcher on the floor for one of our cray cray patients who kept trying to get out of bed. He rolled around that mattress all night and the 1:1 kept him from crawling out of the room. He didn't fall and we...
  2. From fulltime to perdiem on resume

    I've been working at a hospital for 6 years. I was fulltime 4 years and changed my status to per diem 2 years ago. So my normal format would be: ABC Hospital >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>201...
  3. Wearing gloves with HIV positive patients

    Sure, I am all for that. But there's a difference between someone calling me from the OR saying "Just an FYI, the patient who's about to come out is HIV+" and "You absolutely need to wear gloves. This patient has HIV." Ermagard, let's wear hazmat sui...
  4. Wearing gloves with HIV positive patients

    Having worked at multiple hospitals, I can tell you that this notion of putting on gloves just because someone is HIV+ is still pretty rampant. I've heard it from nurses, nursing assistants, CRNAs, and yes--even doctors. It's pretty freaking moronic ...
  5. Did you contract anything from a patient?

    I've been lucky in the ICU since we are generally exposed to everything. I can tell you though that I've lost my mind (or more like burnout) a few times working in the unit.
  6. Full Time or Per diem (But Full time)

    As someone who has multiple per diem jobs (but still work a full-time), I can tell you there are some benefits to it. -Pay rate is generally higher than a regular staff. If you're relatively healthy, the pay will offset calling in sick a few times pe...
  7. Asked to go to PCU unit

    Don't feel bad. We've had new grad in our ICU do orientation for 9 months. As alarming as that sounds, it really isn't a bad thing. But my manager had the budget to spend and the nurse has been working in our unit for 5 years. I, myself, had to be on...
  8. Best route to PACU/Outpatient Work

    There are some hospital PACUs that are also closed on holidays/weekends. Finding it is the problem. There are PACUs that will hire new grads or floor nurses but it will be hard unless you know how to sell yourself or know someone. PACUs generally lik...
  9. AF RVR + levophed

    Hard to say without a full background. Some chunk of the HR is probably caused by the levophed. Can they be switched to a phenylephrine drip?
  10. My two loves: ICU - If they're sedated and vented, you just come to the room and do your thing. PACU- Most of the time they're too drowsy to talk to you. And if they're chatty--ask them if they have pain so you can put them to sleep with some dilaudi...
  11. Demoted from ICU to IMCU

    Why do people keep thinking that the ICU is be-all and end-all of nursing? It's so dumb. Different specialties require different set of skills and learning curves. If I were to suddenly transfer from the ICU to L&D, I would be freaking lost and ...
  12. Refusing to change/toilet pts

    What the hell? Why do you think I went to an expensive college to get my BSN? I deserve better than to clean up somebody else's poop. It's too nasty.
  13. Leaving nursing job after 2 months

    Wanting to not work at the bedside is fine and all. But, before you went to nursing school, did you even look into how you're going to get a research position right after graduating? Or did you just think you were going to get a nursing research job ...
  14. It was always my DREAAAMMMMM to work in the ICU and be the coolest and most knowledgeable nurse in the world unlike those floor nurses, who only know how to give meds. How awesome is it to have only 2 patients, clean **** 50-75% of the time, turn pat...
  15. On call and 16 hr labor law

    I have a question to nurses who take call in states where it's illegal to work more than 16 hours in a 24 hr period. If you work a 12 hour shift and you're on call right after that shift ends--then it turns out that you do get called in 1 hour later-...