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  1. Mini2544

    #AMAGetOutTheWay: Nurses, Doctors, and Students United

    Maybe you should go to Washington and sit in front of your state senators office until they listen to you. All great ideas.
  2. Mini2544

    #AMAGetOutTheWay: Nurses, Doctors, and Students United

    Ah that was just another liberal temper tantrum protest. Medicare for all, and covering illegal immigrants is one of the most insane and irresponsible ideas in today’s political climate. Our healthcare system needs an overhaul but this not the solution nor will it ever be adopted. Yes please flood our country with sick people who break the American immigration laws and the tax payer will gladly fund your healthcare. I don’t know if it’s some kind of mental illness that makes people think this type of policy is ok or what. It’s quite disturbing either way.
  3. Mini2544

    Breaking New Grad Contract

    I also work for this particular hospital system. Without naming names....it used to be called one thing and now its called another. Your contract is pro rated...so you will owe less than the original amount. However just let them know you are moving, they may not hold you to the agreement. I have never understood where they come up with the 13,500 from though. Its not like they give us that. How does our training cost that much? All we do are a few sims and depending on the unit, have a preceptor for 8-15 weeks. We do way more for them than they ever do for us. On another note..I feel the same way you do in many ways OP. I do like the people and management on my unit, but the hospital itself and the policies they push are miserable. The staffing is unsafe, we have no ancillary help and new things are pushed on us everyday. I know alot of nurses feel this way and hopefully it will change but until then..there is better out there. I for one, will most likely pay to get out of my contract in the next few months. It will be worth every penny. Best of luck in your move
  4. Mini2544

    Open visitation in the ICU

    Hello my CC nurses and anyone else who would like to share! Quite a large number of hospitals are starting to adopt a more open visitation policy. There is a lot of research that support this for family satisfaction but at the same time, it decreases nurse and staff satisfaction. What are your hospitals visitation policies? Do they allow children and what age is the cut off? Food and drink from outside allowed in? Thanks in advance for everyone's input.
  5. Wow I love this point of view. It verbalizes my thoughts exactly. I absolutely agree with you. The next question is; How to maintain our good survey scores (since we give them to everyone, even those who abuse our systems) and not attract individuals looking to take advantage of our hospitals and patient care.
  6. Mini2544

    2/13/16 What I Learned This Week: Discipline is King

    I learned this week that I am a really good teacher of anatomy and micro material! I am a study-alohic and I end up teaching my study groups the info more or less but i really enjoy doing it and my test scores reflect it! Sarah