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  1. Mini2544

    Giving Narcan to Your Own Patient

    Same thing for me. There are many times when I don’t think it’s necessary to give 6.25 of Phenergan or 50mcg of fentanyl. However according to the powers at hand, if we don’t give the exact order.. we are practicing outside our scope. We always have to have a specific order. It’s annoying. I think adjusting a med dose in certain situations is the exact definition of nursing judgement.
  2. Mini2544

    Are hospitals doing this now? ,(Vent)

    That’s awful. I’m so sorry. My hospital has assistant managers from different floors doing this on occasion but never floor nurses. I would look for a new job ASAP!
  3. Mini2544

    #AMAGetOutTheWay: Nurses, Doctors, and Students United

    You are 100% incorrect. The heritage foundation estimated a few years back, and given the fact our illegal immigration has soared im sure it’s higher now, illegal immigrants pay into our system around 19 billion a year and cost the country 116 billion. Included in that number is healthcare, education etc. The heritage foundation is a right leaning company but that doesn’t negate the research into this issue. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/opinion/immigration/439930-your-taxpayer-dollars-are-footing-the-spiraling-costs-of-illegal-immigration%3Famp https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/surge-14-3-million-illegal-immigrants-in-us-taxpayer-cost-130-billion%3F_amp%3Dtrue
  4. Mini2544

    new nurse- NP or PA school?

    I absolutely understand what you’re going through. I went though a similar experience when I first started bedside nursing. It just wasn’t for me. School doesn’t prepare you for all the short comings of hospitals and ratios etc. who wants to work in a field where it’s acceptable and encouraged to work 12 straight hours without a break or lunch. I always roll my eyes at some of the posters on here who act like all nurses need to pay their dues and put up with crap hours and work conditions. I found a nursing job that is wonderful and I don’t have any of the same issues I did before working ICU bedside nursing. However, if you’re wanting to go to an advanced care route... I would say PA. Especially if you like derm and surgery! It is pricey and you can’t work but you can pay off those loans after a few years working and your sanity and happiness is most important. good luck on picking a new path!
  5. Mini2544

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    It’s called production and revenue. Also I’m guessing you or your SJW boyfriend didn’t go to med school for 4 years, another 4 years of residency then another 4 years of fellowship. OH! All while their student loans rack up a ton of interest (since med school is like 300k.) If docs need sleeping rooms for 24 hours shifts, or cheap snacks or if they want to be called Dr... than that’s just fine. RNs don’t have a job, without a doctor.
  6. Mini2544

    Medical office-Drama

    I would stay until the baby is born (congrats by the way) and then look elsewhere. You can def go back to the ICU or maybe find you a good outpatient surgery center in your area. Either way.. doesn’t sound like place is healthy for the long haul
  7. Orlando FL 30.50 an hour 3.25 differential 3-7pm 4.00 7pm-7am differential 4.25 weekends I have a little over 1 year of experience and no bsn yet
  8. I think it’s fairly realistic. CKD is a huge problem so it’s nice that the focus is starting to shift towards prevention as well. I like the living donors incentives too. I will be interested to see how that comes to fruition. On a different note... I think it’s going to be real interesting to see how ans when Hospitals and insurance companies start posting prices. I read that for each day they don’t comply they are fine something like 500$.
  9. I highly doubt something so ludicrous would happen in the US. Posting online about things that may reflect on how you take care of pts is questionable but even then.. Americans free speech rights have been upheld. I hope she appeals and wins.
  10. A retention bonus is a great idea. The key is getting which ever hospital organization the nurse is working for, to actually make enough headway for someone to want to stay on board.
  11. Mini2544

    First E-Cigarette Ban: Mark a Win for Public Health

    I mean the ban isn’t the issue. The problem is that San Francisco is the same s-hole that has Homeless defecting and shooting drugs up on every corner. But yes, let’s ban e-cigs. Makes a ton of sense
  12. Mini2544

    #AMAGetOutTheWay: Nurses, Doctors, and Students United

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Maybe you should go to Washington and sit in front of your state senators office until they listen to you. All great ideas.
  13. Mini2544

    #AMAGetOutTheWay: Nurses, Doctors, and Students United

    Ah that was just another liberal temper tantrum protest. Medicare for all, and covering illegal immigrants is one of the most insane and irresponsible ideas in today’s political climate. Our healthcare system needs an overhaul but this not the solution nor will it ever be adopted. Yes please flood our country with sick people who break the American immigration laws and the tax payer will gladly fund your healthcare. I don’t know if it’s some kind of mental illness that makes people think this type of policy is ok or what. It’s quite disturbing either way.
  14. Mini2544

    Taking patients

    My suggestion exactly! I have been working as an ICU nurse and recently switched to an outpatient surgery center. It is like heaven compared to working with critical patients in a hospital. The pay is more as well, which i guess depends on what area of the country you live in.
  15. Mini2544

    How would Medicare for all affect nursing?

    I also dont think that people understand Medicare is what it is because people pay into the system for 30,40 plus years. Then like you said, its bare bones at that. How can they say "Medicare for all" when the people who will be covered, have never paid into the system? There will still be people who dont work/pay taxes and will receive the same exact healthcare as those who float the system. It will never happen here. Physicians would not put themselves through the kind of schooling and debt they do, in order to make less money and be burdened with terrible govt regulation (worse than it is aready is) There is a reason we have as many foreign physicians as we do. Nurses would make less and work more.
  16. Mini2544

    Breaking New Grad Contract

    I also work for this particular hospital system. Without naming names....it used to be called one thing and now its called another. 🙂 Your contract is pro rated...so you will owe less than the original amount. However just let them know you are moving, they may not hold you to the agreement. I have never understood where they come up with the 13,500 from though. Its not like they give us that. How does our training cost that much? All we do are a few sims and depending on the unit, have a preceptor for 8-15 weeks. We do way more for them than they ever do for us. On another note..I feel the same way you do in many ways OP. I do like the people and management on my unit, but the hospital itself and the policies they push are miserable. The staffing is unsafe, we have no ancillary help and new things are pushed on us everyday. I know alot of nurses feel this way and hopefully it will change but until then..there is better out there. I for one, will most likely pay to get out of my contract in the next few months. It will be worth every penny. Best of luck in your move

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