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  1. Mini2544

    How does your unit determine who floats?

    My former unit really had no rhyme or reason for who floated but it was disorganized and awful. I was pool and actually our hospital guidelines were that pool employees were cancelled first (if the census was low) so we weren’t supposed to float since we aren’t guaranteed hours and full time had requirements to fill for benefits. I still got floated though. All the time. So I left LOL
  2. Mini2544

    Short Staffed: An Epidemic

    Oh boy are you correct. I used to work hospital outpatient surgery and while the “ratios” were 2-1 pre op and pacu… it’s different because on top of that the hospital is supposed to be following ASPAN staffing standards and they never did. When you have 3 pacu nurses for 30 general anesthesia major surgery cases.. and you are expected to recover 10 patients in a 10 hour period or so, it’s burn out city. Same thing goes for the rush rush rush pre op environment where patients never went or were not called by the pre admission nurses. I left and went to another hospital with double the staff and about the same number of daily cases. It’s like night and day difference. I am very lucky and thankful
  3. Mini2544

    Short Staffed: An Epidemic

    Agree 1000000%. I love the idea of training on two different units, specific pool float nurses etc, but without those mandatory radios.. it’s all useless. I also think hospitals should pretty much double their tech count as well. Especially for med surg and telemetry floors. It would free up the nurses to really be able to focus on safe and effective patient care
  4. Mini2544

    Work Schedule

    This sounds very much like a job I used to have. The hours varied each shift so there was no consistency. Also if you ended up staying over 10 hours one day, they would flex you the next day so you basically work all these weird late hours and end up with less than 32 hours for the week. Normally with 3 12s… there isn’t much flexing going on. No weekends or holidays is nice but 4 days a week in a busy procedural area can be absolutely exhausting. burn out city
  5. Mini2544

    Are nurses required to read preop H&P

    Also, I have had patients (while working in post op) hours after GA go to the restroom by themselves. I am always right by the door but I try to give them privacy since its an outpatient setting and these folks are rather healthy. I don't know the exact type of anesthesia your patient had. It also sounds like you all were a bit short staffed since you were rushing from pre op to PACU. But of course..inappropriate staffing is never to blame for falls. 🙄
  6. Mini2544

    Are nurses required to read preop H&P

    Hello! Pre op nurse here... To be honest, I skim the H&P to make sure the plan for the surgery is in there, the date is within 30 days and the review of systems is complete. Those are the areas we are required to check before the patient leaves the pre op area, so anything other than that is just part of past medical history. It sounds like someone is playing the blame game and taking it out on you.
  7. Mini2544

    Rationing Care in COVID: Whose life is worth saving?

    This is the best way to get rid of lobbyist. High level I agree with all of this, maybe just differ a bit on the judges etc. There has to be more accountability
  8. Mini2544

    Clinical ladder change

    If your facility is a trauma 1 center in Disney world.. than it’s prob the same place LOL
  9. Mini2544

    Clinical ladder change

    That sounds like our previous ladder. So basically if your hospital decided to make a clinical 3 require both the BSN and certification for everybody.. even those who started under the old ladder. That’s interesting you are a magnet hospital currently. Maybe it’s getting harder to become magnet?
  10. Mini2544

    Clinical ladder change

    I am involved in the magnet process on a unit level the BSN portion is really the main focus. The certification is an absolute plus so you’re probably correct. I actually understand wanting someone to have both the BSN and certification for the 3, it’s just the demotion part for those who were already grandfathered in under the previous clinical ladder, that disturbs me.
  11. Mini2544

    Clinical ladder change

    That is a great question, there def is but the timeline to obtain a BSN is already 36 months so I assume it’s the same for the ladder. From what I understand the only real change is the certification plus BSN.
  12. Mini2544

    Clinical ladder change

    Hi everyone! I am just curious if anyone else’s hospital adopted this same policy, as far as our clinical ladder in nursing is concerned. Currently we have a Nurse 1,2,3,4 etc. In order to progress to the next “rung” per se you have to meet certain criteria. I think the highest may be a 5 but you need x number years experience plus a masters, certification etc. Most RNs are 2 and 3s. Previously in order to become a RN 3, you needed 1 year experience plus a BSN OR a certification (PCCN, CCRN etc) Well my hospital decided that going forward, in order to stay an RN 3 (which has a higher pay than 1 and 2) you need BSN AND certification. They are giving those who don’t have the certification 6 months to get it or else they will be dropped to RN 2 and take a pay cut. We are currently working on becoming a magnet hospital but I’m not sure that plays a major role it in. It absolutely seems like a horrible thing to do your more seasoned staff after the Covid situation. Thoughts?
  13. Mini2544

    Giving Narcan to Your Own Patient

    Same thing for me. There are many times when I don’t think it’s necessary to give 6.25 of Phenergan or 50mcg of fentanyl. However according to the powers at hand, if we don’t give the exact order.. we are practicing outside our scope. We always have to have a specific order. It’s annoying. I think adjusting a med dose in certain situations is the exact definition of nursing judgement.
  14. Mini2544

    Are hospitals doing this now? ,(Vent)

    That’s awful. I’m so sorry. My hospital has assistant managers from different floors doing this on occasion but never floor nurses. I would look for a new job ASAP!
  15. Mini2544

    #AMAGetOutTheWay: Nurses, Doctors, and Students United

    You are 100% incorrect. The heritage foundation estimated a few years back, and given the fact our illegal immigration has soared im sure it’s higher now, illegal immigrants pay into our system around 19 billion a year and cost the country 116 billion. Included in that number is healthcare, education etc. The heritage foundation is a right leaning company but that doesn’t negate the research into this issue. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/opinion/immigration/439930-your-taxpayer-dollars-are-footing-the-spiraling-costs-of-illegal-immigration%3Famp https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/surge-14-3-million-illegal-immigrants-in-us-taxpayer-cost-130-billion%3F_amp%3Dtrue
  16. Mini2544

    new nurse- NP or PA school?

    I absolutely understand what you’re going through. I went though a similar experience when I first started bedside nursing. It just wasn’t for me. School doesn’t prepare you for all the short comings of hospitals and ratios etc. who wants to work in a field where it’s acceptable and encouraged to work 12 straight hours without a break or lunch. I always roll my eyes at some of the posters on here who act like all nurses need to pay their dues and put up with crap hours and work conditions. I found a nursing job that is wonderful and I don’t have any of the same issues I did before working ICU bedside nursing. However, if you’re wanting to go to an advanced care route... I would say PA. Especially if you like derm and surgery! It is pricey and you can’t work but you can pay off those loans after a few years working and your sanity and happiness is most important. good luck on picking a new path!