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Hi guys, I'm 19 years old currently taking prerequisites courses for the adn program in a community college, I'm developing a big passion towards taking care of patients in and out of the hospital. I volunteer at a local... Read More

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    Enjoy the moment. Learn to laugh at yourself. Sing out loud now and then. Dance like no one is watching. Always be your own biggest cheerleader.
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    Stay away from credit cards! And my ex.....
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    A 19-year-old who is asking "oldies" for advice probably does not need any; kudos to you!

    1. If your family doesn't provide good role models, seek out a mentor - maybe a professor, an older co-worker, etc. to help talk you through decisions.
    2. Get to know your TRUE self so that your decisions reflect your heart, not the influences of important people in your life - including family or a mentor.
    3. Don't get into debt (MAYBE for school, but nothing else for sure!).
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    Don't be competitive with other nursing students--you're all in it together. Stop caring so much what everyone thinks about you while you're at it. Have some fun, too!
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    1. Get on a diet, hit the gym.

    2. Do not marry her, run!

    3. Get this powerball ticket, the numbers are...

    4. When you see the ad for Boston Terriers for sale, that feeling of "I want one" will be one of the best decisions you make the next decade, since you won't have the wife to make you go get him- he's the runt!

    5. Don't let your parents buy the Yorkie, she escaped from hell one stormy night, and she will hate everything about you!!

    6. That Jaguar you want so bad when you graduate is a lemon, and just replacing one wood panel will cost $1800- because to replace one panel they have to replace them all. Oh yeah, water pump will be $600. Your going to win the lottery anyway- you can get a new one!
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    Consider doing a 20 year stint in the military in a medical branch. You'll get great experience and have slightly less crud to put up with than other areas. Also, you will be able to retire at age 40 and have health care and pension for life.

    Take a Dave Ramsey course and learn to stay away from debt like it's the plague. It really is a plague. I worked for years for the banks. Not at the banks, but for the banks. When I totaled up the interest on my loans a big chunk of my pay was going to the banks and they loved it.

    Find a job you love to do and do that. I followed money for awhile but it led to gerd, HTN, and tons of stress. Now I'm in a job I love that pays half as much but my BP is great and I'm very happy.

    When you date, pick someone you might want to marry because that sometimes happens after awhile. Also, date someone who also works in your field. They will be able to understand the ups and downs of your days and it's much easier to sustain a household with two incomes.
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    Instead of spending 2 years to get your pre-reqs done for the RN program at a community college and spending another 2 years in the RN program to graduate with an ADN go to University instead and be a PA. The military will pay for your education and living because of GI Bill so cost isnt a factor. As soon as you get home after 4 years active duty, either get your paramedic license or challenge the LVN board. You got 4 years EMT and combat medic experience, you will be fine. Then get a job as an EMT or LVN. Next go to University and major in something science or biological. Then graduate with you Bachelors Degree, make mom and dad proud, and apply to UC Davis for PA program. That way you didnt spend 4 years to get on an associates degree in nursing. Now if I only had a time machine..................I could do this or send myself the winning lottery numbers.
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    I was a poli sci major; it was 6 years prior to attending nursing school. Here's what I would tell myself: Put the books down from time to time, & go create & sustain more meaning in your life. Don't take friendships for granted. Make time for fun. Political science is a fluff degree, so change your major. Finally, you are an idiot if you think you're fat.
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    Quote from CT Pixie
    Forget him...he's not worth your tears and the breakup will derail your life's plan of going to nursing school by 20 years! You will survive, you WILL meet someone so much better and deserving of all the love you have to give, and he will have Karma pay him a visit or how horribly he treated you and others. You just need to sit back and wait for it to happen. (and it will and DOES happen!)Education is key! Stay in school. Socializing should take 2nd priority not 1st! Don't let the normal life issues stop you from obtaining your education. School first, marriage and babies after. (and preferably in that order And finally, even though 'you' (aka my younger self) won't listen to this advice, the decisions you make will lead a delay in obtaining your dream of becoming a nurse, but it will also lead you to the love of your life and future husband and 2 healthy happy children.Wishing the OP the best.
    Really could have used this advice 10 years ago!!!
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    Focused on my self-worth instead of dating the wrong men! (What a waste of my youth!)
    Focused on education...
    Focused on goals...
    Said, No more often...
    Removed the "door-mat" sign from my body...
    Stayed away from the "dream-stealers!"
    Sun-bathed less
    Traveled more
    Saved money, in the wise sense...
    Oh, all in hind sight, right? Lol...
    Really, just happy I got through it and still smiling today!!!!
    Our life is a gift, no matter how rough of a road it was... some smoother than others.

    Merry Christmas!!!

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