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Hi guys, I'm 19 years old currently taking prerequisites courses for the adn program in a community college, I'm developing a big passion towards taking care of patients in and out of the hospital. I volunteer at a local... Read More

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    You have to think not just twice, but many times before you decide, because time that was lost can never be brought back. Know what you really want, and then you have to firmly stick to it. If you really want to be a nurse, be prepared to accept all consequences. Studying is never easy, but it will become a lot easier if you will learn to love what you are doing! Goodluck!

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    Quote from HouTx
    WOW!!! There's definitely a story there, right? You Go CTPixie!
    You have no idea HouTX and thanks. Even after all he put me through, when I think about it, I have to thank him. Doing what he did, in part made me the strong woman I am today. So if for nothing else, I have him to thank for that.
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    I think I've learned a lot from my high school days. Extraverted in heart, I didn't really care and think much, but I still maintained good grades in school. As I stepped into college, things have changed. Drastic changes that made me think that there are so much things to do besides just making friends and socializing. It could come in any form of commitment.
    @classicdame, Balance is one of the values that I'm aiming for, can you give me an example of how you balanced school and personal life?
    @monkeybug, What's CRNA? I'm not to familiar with my terms sorry =)
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    Financial planning.
    When I think of all the money I made, and squandered, I get depressed.
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    Pretty much what others said. I didn't take my classes seriously and had to pay more money to retake them later to get a's in them to get into my program. So do your BEST in class!

    Volunteering is great, but I would also suggest getting your CNA license and work even part time if you are able to. It's great experience.
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    Quote from imintrouble
    Financial planning.
    When I think of all the money I made, and squandered, I get depressed.
    This too!!! Save save save! Start a savings just got school. Just got into a program and I'm seriously stressing on the costs of books, uniforms, and tuition... And my school is a community college
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    Save the money, absolutely. I rue the day I took a perfectly good hunk of money out of a retirement account to buy new carpeting thinking I would have lots of time to pay myself back. Gone, gone, gone...and that was decades ago and I could actually retire by now!

    Words that fit so many situations: Don't put it off!
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    I would still get married to the man I am married to still. As far as school and career, I would be a computer geek instead of a nurse.
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    CRNA means Certified "Registered" Nurse Anesthetist. These are advanced practice nurses who function in a role similar to that of an Anesthesiologist or MD who practices Anesthesia.

    Seeing as I just turned 20 about 2 months ago, I would probably still be studying for my Mid-terms for my fourth semester of Nursing school. Keep devoting yourself to your studies. Search for opportunities. Keep volunteering. Enjoy life as much as you can.
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    Quote from johntomines
    What would you guys do if time has flipped back and you were 19 again?
    Skip the drinking. You can have all the fun you want and more without booze.
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