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  1. Arrive early so you can cool off in the AC and stop sweating before your interview. Consider using a public bathroom (off the main lobby/entrance) to change into your clothes if you're SURE you won't be seen in casual attire.
  2. And the award for most asked question goes to...

    Baby delivered by caesarean section with Father in attendance. Father witnesses any resuscitative efforts and walks to NICU along side baby in transport isolette. On the unit, we slap ECG leads and pulse ox on the baby, maybe grab a stethoscope, and ...
  3. O2% to admin initally on apneic/resp distress preemie

    Pardon me, I wasn't clear: 40% is our "somewhat higher" for preterms. Term babies are started at 21%. Yes, if the HR
  4. O2% to admin initally on apneic/resp distress preemie

    The NRP book just says "somewhat higher" for premature babies. My facility has decided to start at 40%, but that's arbitrary, not evidence based. In general you titrate to oxygen saturations. The other hard and fast rule is that if you start chest co...
  5. Mental health days

    These are two different things. "I have great plans next Tuesday and will call in sick" is NOT a mental health day. "OMG, I'm so exhausted and depressed by my job that I cannot possibly go to my job today," IS a mental health day.
  6. What can you tell me about NEC?

    umcRN is right: the benefits of enteral feeds outweigh the risks. But when the bad outcome hits YOUR patient, it's hard to remember that.
  7. Pens are easy to replace, your license is not.
  8. PMFB-RN, thank you for your service.
  9. What can you tell me about NEC?

    NEC is terrible. You did what you could. It's an insidious disease.
  10. Sexual Orientation Question

    I just want to say thanks... Because of this thread, I had yet ANOTHER conversation with my kids about safe sex...and found out that one thought the Pill protected against STIs. I will continue to have these conversations w/my kids.
  11. Nursing Diagnosis

    However, to address what I believe MIGHT be your point. Yes, nursing diagnoses can be a bit awkward, but they serve as our profession's language and lead to NURSING interventions, which promote health along side (or sometime in spite of) medical inte...
  12. Nursing Diagnosis

    Then articulate your point in plain English or professional nursing language.
  13. Nursing essay

    Actually..... I like this bit the best:
  14. Nursing essay

    Why DO you want to be a peds nurse?
  15. Being pressured to work more hours

    This is a nice opportunity to practice your firm, assertive voice. "No, I'm sorry. I cannot. I have another commitment at that time." Hopefully, you won't need to stay on at that facility for long - it sounds like a mess!