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I applied for a position in a differerent department at my job. I am a new graduate ADN with 4 years of LPN experience. The position I applied for was a trainable position, meaning they were... Read More

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    Years ago, managers would hire a new grad over an experienced LPN -->New Grad because the NG hadn't developed any "bad habits" as they called it. The NG could be moulded to THEIR way of doing things. Not fair, but it happens.

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    Sorry you missed a job you want. If they treated you like this, perhaps they did you a favor, or themselves a dis-service. In the past I've tried the (uggghhh) lawyer route, and the EEOC route. Wasted a lot of time and money, stirred up a lot of dust, and accomplished nothing but delaying what I needed to do; move on. Very often in Nursing when I thought I was being treated badly, it eventually turned out to be a big favor. Hope it all works out for you.

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