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  1. fungez

    Need solutions to nursing problems!!

    We all struggle with this. Nursing school sucks a lot of the critical thinking skills out of us, with all the "right" answers and black and white thinkings. I know I was never encouraged to think outside the box. Next time you have a problem, try to think of every possible scenerio. Be creative. Problem - bloody urine not draining through a foley. Explanation - a clot occlusion. Seems obvious, but when the patient's fussing at you, your charge is fussing at you, and you have five other patients to worry about, it's hard to come to that conclusion because of all the other distractions. A lot of this falls on the doc. Why a urologist wouldn't order CBI or routine flushing is beyond me. Don't be so hard on yourself. No one, even your cranky charge, was born knowing all the answers.
  2. fungez

    How to handle nursing field.. very long post

    Okay, this is what I think. Judging from your writing skills, I think you have the smarts and maturity to get through any program you wish. Nursing school is hard and a lot of work, sure, but it's not impossible. If you pay attention and do the work you'll pass, no problem. HOWEVER. I think you're struggling with a lot of ambivalence. Ambivalence about growing up, taking charge of your future, being an adult. I had the same problem so I can relate. I was very focused on my friends and boyfriend because it kept me in a holding pattern, it was familiar and it was safe. Going to school, dealing with unpleasant and uncomfortable situations, was scary. These are normal feelings a lot of people, especially females, deal with. My advice is to keep plugging along. Don't let anyone tell you you're too young or you're "not ready." No one feels ready for huge, life-changing events. You get ready by doing it, not by feeling it. You do have added pressure of feeling like the role model to your younger siblings. No help from me here - being the oldest in the family can be very stressful for that reason. But I believe you can do this. I have faith in you. Now, you just have faith in yourself.
  3. I've never said anything to a patient I've regretted. All those "you're an idiot" and "shut the F up, you stupid druggie" were entirely justifieid.
  4. fungez

    What has ended up in your pockets?

    A roll of surgical tape, which ended up in the washing machine, which cost me a hundred bucks. Two vicodins, which I found two days after the fact, while I was doing laundry. Oops. Thankfully, they were still wrapped.
  5. fungez

    Holiday Scheduling

    Don't you love being punished because you don't have kids? I work PRN because I hate working the holidays. If by some miracle you get the day off you have to work the day before and the day after so you can't do anything anyway.
  6. Oh, me too. I've always said I'm retiring in 20 years. My daughter will be out of college then and I'll just have to support myself. I could work minimum wage if I had to. But now we're in a recession, and even the minimum wage jobs are saturated. I'd advise you to try a doc's office. Yeah, you'll take a paycut, but the work is so much better. Minimal stress, no weekends or holidays, and you can take off in the middle of the day without people acting like you're part of the Taliban.
  7. fungez

    How old were you. when you become RN?

    23. And I'm retiring next year. It'll be 20 years and I've concluded that when nursing makes you go insane.
  8. fungez

    In response to cost cutting.

    I shoulda gone to plumbing school. It can't be any ickier than being a nurse, plus you get to play with fire. I think I'll volunteer to take on the nurse recruiter duties. As far as I can tell, all they do is shred resumes and delete voicemails and emails without looking at them.
  9. fungez

    nurse nonrecruiters

    Anyone else think that nurse recruiters are useless? They don't call back. I've learned not to leave voicemails because I know from experience they won't be returned. If I manage to catch them live, they act put out they have to deal with me. And I've had one...two....lemme think...five different jobs in the last few years and I've yet to get any assistance from a recruiter. I've recently moved, left messages with three different facilities, and NOT ONE called me back. These are for PRN jobs, very low risk for the hospital. I can remember a time before they invented nurse recruiters and online applications, and it worked better then. You went up the unit with your resume and talked to the manager. Cut out the middleman. When I call a prospective employer and get a receptionist or general HR person, I get my calls returned and questions answered. When I get a recruiter, they are imcompetent and snotty. Why do they exist? What's their purpose? Delete the job description and make 'em work as a CNA, then they'll at least be helpful.
  10. fungez

    All about staffing Dallas/Fort Worth

    Well, I just got off the phone with Dallas AAS. The recruiter blew off my voicemail requesting she call me back. Particularily annoying since I explained on the v.m. that I'd worked for both the HCA hospitals and AAS in Austin. So I called her again, and this time reached her. She was kind of snotty, and wouldn't tell me what the payrate would be. Austin AAS pays 34/hr for prn dayshift m/s. They tell you that upfront. So I don't understand why salary info is a secret in Dallas. I'm crossing Dallas AAS off my list of potential employers. I don't like HCA that much, and I'm not going to deal with attitudy, weird, secretive recruiters who blow me off. I did talk to Nursecore. They were much nicer and told me salary, while variable, would probably be around 30/hr. So I'm going to go with them.
  11. fungez

    For all of those on Medicaid

    None of us care what insurance, if any, the patient has. We just don't like the entitlement mentality. When I worked the ER some idiot used EMS to come in for her UTI. Didn't have a ride. When the doc mildly said "don't abuse the system" the woman got on her high horse and threatened to "turn him in." Oooo, scary. Calling EMS for non-emergent c/o, or using the ER for a pregnancy test, is an abuse no matter what insurance they have. It raises everyone's rates. It sucks everyone's resources dry. An ER doc told me once Medicaid reimbursed him six bucks for a patient visit. Not sixty, but six bucks. So he has to raise everyone else's costs to make up for it. Which is why the ER is so expensive for everyone, especially the self-pay. They are the ones getting it in the teeth.
  12. fungez

    Resign now??

    Get a lawyer. Seriously. Accusing someone of fradulent documentation is a serious charge and if it's not true, then it's slanderous. He/she can tell you what to do as well as quiting or waiting to be fired. And yeah, ICU is difficult but any place is difficult when you are short staffed.
  13. fungez

    Question about pts leaving AMA...

    thanks for the clarification. I've always wondered about it.
  14. fungez

    what I wish I could say to my AAOX3 patients!

    9)Shut up and show a little gratitude. For me, for your doctor, for this hospital, and for your health care, which is the most advanced in the world. If you don't like it, move to the sub-Sahara, where there's less than 3 docs per 10,000 people. Or Sierra Leone, where the average life expectancy is 41. Or Haiti, where they spend an average of $83/year/person for health care. You may not like the way your dinner tastes, but at least you're getting a dinner. Eat it and quit pestering me about it. I've got work to do.
  15. fungez

    Question about pts leaving AMA...

    In my education class when I was working ED, they told me you couldn't tell a AMA patient that insurance might not pay the bill. They said it was a form of coercion. Well, maybe so, but doesn't the patient have the right to know that info so he can make an informed choice? I know I'd want to know that if I left AMA.
  16. fungez

    nurse abuse

    Good for you!!! When I was charging, years ago, a husband threatened to come after my tech with a baseball bat. For wanting to get the patient's vital signs! So I called security, they had a Come to Jesus with him, and that was that. Until the next morning when my manager told ME I overreacted!