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  1. Okay, let's all tell a good medical related joke. The one who gets the most kudos wins. I'll start first. It's a little off-color but don't worry, I'll asterisk the bad words out. Question: What's 18 inches long, black and hangs in front of an *$...
  2. Time off from nursing

    I've yet to get a job with an online application. Never. What I do is this: I go up the unit in my scrubs, resume in hand, and say "here I am, I'm ready to work today". Yes, it's cheesy, and it doesn't always work. One manager looked up, said "y...
  3. Most ridiculous patient requests?

    OT, but goes so well with your story. Pt who'd been self administering interferon in his leg muscle comes in c/o redness and swelling at injection site. Me: Let's have a look at that. Pt: I don't wear underwear. Me: That's okay. -----we both g...
  4. Time to call a duck a duck?

    Well said, wooh. "If nursing doesn't have time, don't worry, there will be some holier than thou nursing student or administrator that will opine how it will only "take a minute" and then it will all be ok, because if it only takes a minute, then I g...
  5. Wild guess here - was it Lucy and Desi?
  6. Nurses Get No Respect

    Amen, sister! (but you're preaching to the choir). What job do you have now and are there any openings?
  7. How much does your hospital ceo make?

    Okay, so we've determined you think the sky's the limit with CEO salaries. I, and it seems other people, acknowledge that companies can set salaries however they see fit. However, we also think that these companies are making a big financial, profess...
  8. How much does your hospital ceo make?

    From the article: In 2006-07, the year Central Maine Healthcare made up for Chalke's retirement contributions, his compensation was six times that amount. A year after that, back on track with retirement, his total compensation was triple what it was...
  9. How much does your hospital ceo make?

    There is a salary cap for staff. I am capped off on my salary due to years experience. I don't recall anyone here saying that CEOs don't deserve a decent salary; in fact, the highest salary in the facility. As the person with the most responsibli...
  10. When did patients become "clients"?

    "Client" I can sorta tolerate. But I can't say "customer" without gagging. And it really messes with my internal mission statement. A patient is someone I feel a huge responsibility for, someone I would do almost anything to help. A customer? No...
  11. I am an American.

    You're saying all the docs in Nicarugua harass all the females around them? Seriously?
  12. How much does your hospital ceo make? scroll down to: The government move to regulate hospital CEO pay came from public outcry over soaring executive compensation at the same time that fron...
  13. I am an American.

    If these were directed towards female nurses only, you might have a good case for sexual discrimination.
  14. How much does your hospital ceo make?

    I hardly think an open debate constitutes a witch hunt.
  15. How much does your hospital ceo make?

    You ever researched the Ford Pinto case? Ford could had used a safer design, but it would have added $11 (in 197x dollars) to the cost of each car. However, they also estimated, using X amount for each lost life, the benefit of paying out lawsuits ...