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I have just read an interesting article about nurses which says that there are certain things we do or see as Nurses which makes us want to vomit. So what makes you want to vomit? I don't... Read More

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    Anything having to do with the mouth. There is a reason I am not in a cushy dental hygenist position in a sweet 9-5 dental practice where I get to sit down most of the day. Mucus, saliva, chewed food, vomit...ugh. Can't do it. The only time I ever actually vomited over something at work was when I had to Gastrocult a pool of mucusy vomit. Got the sample and ran for the nearest toilet.
    Secretions from a trach gives me no willies whatsoever. It's the same goo, just out of another hole and that makes all the difference apparently.

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    I guess I've gotten pretty much tolerant for most things.

    Really, if I were to be quite literal, the main things other than being sick (virus) that makes me nauseated and wanting to vomit, which I detest and fight with every fiber of my being, are narcotics, especially opioids. The other is migrane headaches. Of course if they get bad enough, you may get some relief from vomiting. But if someone gives me any kind of opiate-based/structured medication as a patient, I will definitely vomit. In emergencies, they have attempted to give me opiates. I've warned them repeatedly. This is something we have noted in my family. We just don't tolerate them. Now when my mom had surgery and had to have a msO4 pump, she had to get antiemetics round the clock. It always amazes me how some folks are so sensitive to certain things while others aren't.

    Smells can be tough to deal with--someone with low perfusion and coagulopathy in the unit waiting to die--bleeding from every orifice--all that blood pooling--that can be hard.
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    I gagged once in nursing school when my instructor and I had to go in and cath a young woman who had a nasty yeast infection and some other funky stuff going on down there. And I can't listen to anyone puke or look at it when I'm cleaning it up, gets me every time.
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    The thought of inserting an NG tube. The one time so far that it was "my" task to do, I asked a nursing student if she wanted to do it and she did it! I was holding one halfway down this year while the nurse inserting it went to get someone else (I think she was meeting some unexpected resistance) and by the time she came back I said "Get this tube, I'm going to the floor." I laid down on that nasty floor and was covered in sweat...almost passed out.

    An accordion drain with yellow/green, snotty output....when you empty it, it hangs off that little nozzle like snot and you have to wipe it off....ewwwwwww

    Listening to people bring up mucus. That snorting sound some people do before they hock that loogie...good god!

    Vomit used to do it, but I'm mostly over it. Smell + appearance though, occasionally = gagging!
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    Feet. Anything more than a 12 year old's feet lol. But specifically old people feet, how they are so dry, smelly, crusty, toenails yellow and thick and crumbly...*shiver*
    Trach sputum. I think I was fine with it until I had a patient who coughed out his trach and it stuck to the wall on the other end of the room. Was so thick and yellowish-green...*more shivers*
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    Thick, green sputum. Gag.
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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    Listening to people bring up mucus. That snorting sound some people do before they hock that loogie...good god!Vomit used to do it, but I'm mostly over it. Smell + appearance though, occasionally = gagging!
    This is sooo me! The sounds are what gets me more so than anything. I'm getting better with vomit though, and I'm sure that's only because I have 3 kids and puke kinda comes with the territory.
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    I cannot disimpact someone.
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    I absolutely loathe hairy backs! They just makes my skin crawl .

    I am also not a fan of the surprise sputum catapult (The one where you ambu a pt and it shoots out with such a force you get splat if you don't duck! )
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    I can't stand the smell of poor hygiene, as in BO, just plain funk and stink. Some people just stink like they're filthy. Never clean themselves, stink of feces and old urine, BO, bad breath, stale cigarette smoke, etc. A BM or vomit or blood or whatever is one thing, but the smell of a bad odor that has been stinking for a while is the worst.
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