What to expect in patient's "Progress Notes"? - page 2

Med/surg new grad here. My biggest challenge right now is communicating with different health care members because I don't get informed with every information. I've seen nurses look in the patient's "progress notes" in the chart... Read More

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    I agree with all the previous posters. Also some MDs break down "problems" that the pt came in with or developed and they list assessment findings related to that as well as their plan. Since most MDs won't call and let you know about what they are wanting to do with the pt, you should be reading them to feta general idea of what's going on. Eventually you will start to see trends with different diagnoses and how they are treated. With that, you can be able to anticipate new orders related to that diagnosis and be able to answer Pts questions about the typical plan of care for that diagnosis.

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