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WAIT! DON’T GO! I pulled the car to the side and put my hazard lights on. “Ok, where is this I have to go?” I asked the staffer at homecare. I jotted the address and put it in my GPS. That... Read More

  1. by   CalNevaMimi
    I've been working as a nurse in schools for a few years and will be switching to home health soon. Thank you SO MUCH for this!
  2. by   spotangel
    All luck! Make your visit count!
    In my career so far, I have worked Med surg, Tele, ER, Management, outpt, homecare and have taught Nursing. My most challenging, tiring but rewarding job was in homecare. You really need to know your stuff as both pts, families and the health team depend on your input. Give it your 100% and it will come back to you a hundredfold as blessings!
  3. by   RobbiRN
    A beautiful story well told. Thank you for sharing. Home health nurses have my respect. I know what the patient looks like when they get to the ER. I can only imagine the environment you walk into, the chaos, self neglect, filth, hopelessness, and, in some cases, real danger -- but you go there with compassion and healing. You are a credit to the profession.
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  4. by   FolksBtrippin
    Thank you for taking care of him!
  5. by   blackberry74
    Oh, that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for this.
  6. by   DF-LPN
    Thank you so much for sharing yourself, most ppl don't understand how much heart and compassion we give to our patients. What you described is why I love working geriatrics. I have some friends and family members who don't understand why I need to take time for just me, to recharge, pamper myself, not talk to anyone about their health, family, money, or anything else they want to c/o. That don't understand that not only is our job physically demanding, but emotionally draining. We put not only blood, sweat, and tears, but also our heart and souls into our jobs. It's a wonder more of us don't burn out! Again thank for your dedication and compassion for a fellow person despite where and how he lives, it makes me be proud to be a nurse also.
  7. by   lindahartford
    You sound like the kind of person who can be proud to be a nurse everyday.
  8. by   mannyv07
    This gives more motivation to eventually go into Home Health Nursing
  9. by   3ringnursing
    Your Allnurses name was chosen well. You truly are an angel!

    I loved reading about how you helped this young man, but was sad that his regular home health nurse didn't take the time to get him all the help he obviously needed.

    Thank you for compassionately taking care of your patients. The universe put you there that day for a reason.
  10. by   spotangel
    Thank you! Though some days I scratch my head and wonder-----!