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  1. lindahartford

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Over 40,000 people die every year in this country due to medication errors. That would be 40,000 nurses, doctors and pharmacists on trial for accidental homicide. Now THAT would cause a nursing shortage.
  2. lindahartford

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    This is a terrible thing to a human being. There's that old joke about doctors burying their mistakes. But a woman made a mistake and the lawyers want to burn her at the stake. After 50 years of nursing, I sometimes worry if I ever made a serious error that I'm not even aware of. For this nurse to be treated like this is almost unthinkable. Think there is a nursing shortage now? Where is the responsibility of administrators putting nurses in over their heads with impossible hours and work loads? Policeman shoot the wrong people and get off. We are both in jobs where peoples lives are in the balance. We all do our best but sometimes that is just not enough.
  3. lindahartford

    Ageism in Nursing

    I worked in nursing for 53 years and never had a problem with employment. I retired at 72 despite my employer's request to continue at least part-time to "Trouble-shoot" My attitude about my job was always focused on my talent and experience. And I always saw these things as assets, never liabilities. In return, my focus on other nurses was always on the same. In Home Heath, which I worked for my last 30 years in Florida, the nurses in the same company were already very competent in their fields. Our employer, an RN, had a great talent for finding the gold in her employees and encouraged teamwork. She also encouraged us to be independent and form our own teams. Team members covered each other for days off, car breakdowns and illness. and vacations. I often requested another nurse on my team to evaluate breathe sounds or review insulin doses and coverage. And I was often asked to make a visit to evaluate mental status or wound care. There was practically no turnover and most of us were at least in our low 70's and one nurse worked into her 80's. Her attitude was, "I'm good at this, what else could I do that I would enjoy as much every day?" When I retired it was to do something entirely new. I'm still doing it and loving it. What I want to say to young nurses is, respect yourself, be great at your specialty, hold your standards higher than anyone else ever will, and create a niche that you love. It took me 20 years to discover Home Heath. Take your time , create your own best life and love every day. The really exhausting, miserable, hard, frustrating days are there so you can see if you are in the right place in your profession. Keep calm and carry on. You are so very much needed in this world.
  4. lindahartford

    Nurse Face Her Fears To Help Patient

    You sound like the kind of person who can be proud to be a nurse everyday.