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RobbiRN has 25 years experience as a RN and specializes in ER.

I'm "just a nurse," by choice and a published author as Robbi Hartford. I'm 25 years into ER nursing, on my 6th CEN renewal, 12th ACLS and PALS renewals, etc. I still enjoy the challenges of the hands-on stuff, and I'll leave the administrating to those who feel called to do it. Beyond continually improving my delivery of direct patient care, I am hoping to help our profession find a stronger voice to push back against the forces that assail common sense in our workplace.

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  1. RobbiRN

    WHO is dissing hot baths?

    Would anyone really think that one hot bath a day takes the place of washing your hands repeatedly at appropriate times throughout the day? I doubt the authors were trying to clear up that misconception. Nobody suggested prohibiting hot baths. But se...
  2. RobbiRN

    WHO is dissing hot baths?

    Don't throw the baby out with the bath water! Multiple lists and quizzes claiming to debunk the myths about Coronavirus are running this quote: "According to the WHO, taking a hot bath will not prevent you from catching COVID-19. Your normal body tem...
  3. RobbiRN

    Epinephrine Error, Part 2

    To read Part 1 of the story, go to Epinephrine Error - Broken Heart Syndrome, Part 1 How did you feel when you got the accidental IV push epinephrine? “The effects were instant. I thought I was going to die–people say that all the time, but ...
  4. RobbiRN

    Epinephrine Error - Broken Heart Syndrome, Part 1

    A good outcome is a good outcome, but I wonder how long ago this happened? The dose is 3x the current recommendations I've seen. Do you know if that protocol is still in place and what it's based on? Cheyenne's outcome is clearly a bad one, validatin...
  5. RobbiRN

    Epinephrine Error - Broken Heart Syndrome, Part 1

    I think it's best to start with the idea that we only give Epinephrine IV push during a resuscitation, and seriously question pushing it in any other setting. The recommended IV dose for refractory anaphylactic shock is 0.1 mg over 5 minutes = ultra ...
  6. RobbiRN

    Epinephrine Error - Broken Heart Syndrome, Part 1

    So far, the system remains firmly entrenched.
  7. RobbiRN

    Epinephrine Error - Broken Heart Syndrome, Part 1

    It is very real and close to home. The writer did write all those things. Everyone is not okay. But, there is still hope for healing. Stay tuned for part two.
  8. The Problem Dear Mr. Thornton, I’m writing in response to the specific questions from your email this morning. A full investigation of the tragic event in our Faster Care area is in progress. You will have access to the complete report by t...
  9. RobbiRN

    What Broke our Healthcare System?

    Did the US ever really have a healthcare model? A profit model driven by greed has been running the show for decades. You are absolutely correct on lack of personal responsibility and increasing sense of entitlement. It's time to put aside our n...
  10. RobbiRN

    On Vacation - Would You Intervene?

    I think the discussion has moved on to various other situations, but my concern in the original post was that those attempting to help were preventing the woman from moving herself from an extremely award position even though she was alert, denied pa...
  11. RobbiRN

    On Vacation - Would You Intervene?

    I think I'd take the ICU RN over the radiologist to help with mom, but, hey, if we're ever on the same plane together, let's do this. One of my most vivid childhood memories is of my mother doing an emergent c-section with a framing saw and a bu...
  12. RobbiRN

    On Vacation - Would You Intervene?

    Yes. Thank you. This has been a source of grief on our end for decades. Patients who from minor fender-benders who were ambulatory at the scene were back-boarded after complaining of neck pain. Their complaints multiplied en route due to the backboar...
  13. RobbiRN

    On Vacation - Would You Intervene?

    A couple of others have noted the danger of trying to help when several people with various levels of ability are jockeying for position. That was the other reason I bowed out of the first situation. Along with the medic and the pharmacy employee, t...
  14. RobbiRN

    On Vacation - Would You Intervene?

    I ran the scenario of the lady who fell in the street by three different paramedics who are currently working on local EMS crews as they passed through our ER today. Each of them quickly responded they would let her sit up. In her case, the significa...
  15. RobbiRN

    On Vacation - Would You Intervene?

    This is the part that really bothered me intuitively. I felt they were restraining her against her will and she was lucid and communicating. I'm not discounting guarding c-spine, but there were several clear advantages to allowing her to re-position ...
  16. RobbiRN

    On Vacation - Would You Intervene?

    You go Pixie.RN. That's the courageous spirit I'm hoping to find. You have EMT-P and TCRN, so can you clarify what "hold c-spine" means? Align and maintain, or maintain the position the patient was found in?