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I work as an RN in a very small company. My administrator, recently left and went to another job. However, she still works part time at my company as my boss. I recently applied to a larger company, my boss now works at this... Read More

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    To make matters worse, the boss youre trying to avoid has probably read this forum post, figured out that its her that youre talking about, and will now hold a grudge and fire you.

    I really don't understand people believing this forum is truly anonymous. You gave way more information than would be needed for an involved person to figure out who youre talking about.
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    I'm sensing a lot of conspiracy therorists here. I work in a tight knit unit where we all have each other's cell numbers and text frequently. Both with other staff members and leadership. For our unit it is the quickest and most effective form of communication.

    Further we now live in the age of technology, and over all the medical field is smaller than you may realize. Interviews in our division include a peer interview, all staff are invited and anyone on shift and available is expected to attend. We all read the resume' of the candidate, and if we have contacts from any of their previous employers we contact them. We also surf facebook for the applicants profile. When you are considering an individual who may become a coworker in a close knit unit you pull in any information you can to expand on that hour of "best face forward." Again, this is what the staff members do, not sure about leadership, but they accept all of our feedback-regardless of source.
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    I don't see an issue. You each will have different roles when at specific facilities. Just work within that role.

    I DO believe the recruiter was inappropriate to share your information with her and I think your boss was inappropriate to even ask you your intent. Once you are off the premises she is not your boss, so what you do elsewhere does not concern her.
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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    My boss texts me almost every time she needs to speak to me. INFURIATING.
    Why does she even have your number? Do you text back? I'm sure it IS "infuriating"... and you brought it upon yourself when you allowed her to have that number. Want it to stop? Change your number/get a different cell/tell her to knock it off/don't respond... You have options to stop this if you want.

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