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I see more and more posters using their own photos as avatars, and while most of those pictures are very attractive, I think it's a dangerous practice. The internet isn't really as anonymous as we all like to think it is, but if... Read More

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    My avatar is a color-altered version of the famous graphic that came out after Steve Jobs died, because I have used Apple products for thirty years. And because I like the line, "Think different."

    I'll vouch for the "you never know who won't like something you post." Even though I have thousands of "likes," I have a lot of people who, I am told, complain about my bluntness and lack of sugarcoating. Imagine if someone really knew who I am ... and if you do, out there, be sure to check it out with me.

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    Agreed. You cannot remain anonymous using an actual photo as an avatar. I would hope that those who do use photos as avatars are using random photos and not their own. Otherwise, you're asking for trouble.
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    I would like to think that I am as cute as my avatar (long live Dobby! ).But I agree OP. I've heard too many stories of people posting on the internet and getting fired for it. It isn't worth it.
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    Guess all you want, Doc. You'll never see through my disguise!
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    Quote from klone
    What I don't understand is why a person would use a picture of Angelina Jolie or some other sexy famous person as their av. Seems weird.
    I, too, have never understood this xD.

    I'm 24, and even in my day, it was completely taboo to give out even so much as your real name online. Nowadays people are like, "HERE! LOOK AT MY DOG! AND MY SCHOOL! AND MY NEIGHBORHOOD! AND MY MOM!" and they don't realize that there are consequences to making yourself so easy to find. I've always been quite paranoid about my own Internet usage. Different usernames on every website, and not many ways to link them together. Protect yourselves!!
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    I really look like this...I swear!!!

    If anyone can figure who I am in person, that would be interesting...there's hundreds and thousands of nurses in my area, where I work, that may have similar backgrounds...NO one knows I'm a part of AN. And if they do, they don't want people to know either...this place is like Vegas to me...and names and avatars are protected!!!
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    I'd never post a picture of myself as my avatar on any internet site! I use several usernames on different sites too. We have two shar pei and nine cats, so usually I use a cat or dog picture as my avatar. I change the avatar from time-to-time but usually keep the same theme.
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    Great advice. My profile/avatar are inconspicuous. I'm not really a dog, I don't really live on the internet, & I have much more than 0 years of experience.
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    You would be amazed to realize that after you have been here a while it is rather easy to actually figure out who's who or where they live. Anyone who actually knows me who be able to figure me out in a heartbeat by my posts and my dog. But I am extremely purposeful about what I put on the internet.
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    Awe - here I was trying to hide the big secret that I'm really Danica Patrick (snicker snicker)
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