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    Quote from elprup
    I wish there was a clearly written and up to date book somewhere explaining it all!
    I believe you're looking for "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
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    "One time use only" is a term used very liberally in the home care setting.
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    "Whatever works" is just fine, so long as you are certain it's sterile.

    Also, never be without your Kelly clamp and long-handled bandage scissors.
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    1. How to be a nurse.
    2. Not only can physicians be wrong, they frequiently are.
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    Anything about any other areas of nursing where a new grad in California is likely to find work.
    That you are still a respectable nurse if you work in a setting other than a hospital.
    That the fact that our school did away with the 4th semester preceptorship (for my class only) would greatly hinder us when it came time to find employment.
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    Quote from RNsRWe
    I wonder if anyone owns the full 12-volume set?
    I've seen it on ebay.
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    Don't Panic!

    Words of wisdom there
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    Quote from sav3alif3RN
    Didn't learn that nurses are also pharmacist, respiratory therapist, clinical techs, physical therapists, cosmetologist, environmental services and the list goes on. Apparently we do it all....
    So true. As a new grad I could never understand why others were getting paid to do their job but I was expected to know how to do the job of everyone.
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    Oh where to begin
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    No one ever explained how I should have entered graduate school immediately. Working while attending graduate school would have given the experience needed and I would be done by now. Come on 2015!
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