Stress in Nursing

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    Hi everyone....I am doing a powerpoint on Nursing Stress today and would love to open this website in class. I would like to take an informal poll on what you think causes the most stress in your work environment and what nursing specialties you think generate the most stress. Thanks....

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    For me it's the demands of caring for high acuity patients, while having a poor nurse to patient ratio. Currently where I work on day shift it's 1:7 or 1:8. It's quite stressful to prioritize, teach, and do all everything I would like to do for these patients.
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    I have worked in many different areas of nursing, and one area is not more stressful than another, imo. Lack of respect, lack of supplies, and purposeful poor staffing by mgmt are what creates the stress in nursing.
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    Getting up at 1:45 a.m. to get ready to be at work at 2:45 a.m. for a 3 a.m. to 3 p.m. shift . . . .

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    Staffing ratios, eat their own mentalities, and tempermental physicians. Always. A decent wage is nice, too.
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    Stress? In this job? Seroiusly, I get stressed by staffing shortages, people who come in to work only to collect a check, families that don't understand that Mom/Dad just can't do that (walk, talk, remember) anymore. Residents who think they still know what's going on and refuse the help that they really need. Backstabbing co-workers. Whiners. Management and their unrealistic ideas. But lest you think I really just hate my job, there's the happy stress of helping a resident regain an ADL that they were unable to do. Admitting a new friend to the floor. Being the one person that a dementia resident will let near them. Being the one person that a certain family member comes to all the time for help resolving a problem. Doctors who actually listen to what I have to say about things.
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    Stress? WHAT stress?! :smiley_ab :lol_hitti

    Seriously, my main stressor is too much to do, too many patients to do it for, and too little time to do what I think is good care. :stone
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    the unrealistic demands and expectations from tptb combined with ridiculous staffing ratios and in my field, the demands and lability of the pt's families. they can and do take up much of your time; and when you have another one of your pts actively dying but are trying to reassure a family of a pt w/another terminal dx, boy the stress builds. (i worked in hospice)

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    I agree with the people who are saying high patient to nurse ratios. I just recently resigned over this very thing.
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    I agree with the other posters, unrealistic nurse/patient workloads. I think that is the biggest complaint that I and my co-workers have. Back-bitting, upper management (don't get me started on that)!.

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