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  1. Green Card sponsorship.

    Good day all! My wife and I are both, Canadian born and trained Registered nurses, and we were wondering if any one knows of any travel nurse companies that sponsor foriegn trained nurses for Green cards. My wife and I both want to start the process...
  2. Onward Healthcare?

    Hey everyone, does anyone know if Onward Healthcare is still in business after being bought out by American Mobile Healthcare? If they are, do they still sponsor nurses for greencards? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  3. Onward Healthcare sponsorship?

    Good day everyone, I was wondering if anyone out there knows if Onward Healthcare, is still sponsoring foreign nurses for Green cards? My wife and I are Canadian nurses and very much want to take the first step towards citizenship. If anybody can h...
  4. Does anyone enjoy being a nurse???

    I've been a nurse going on 15 years now and still love it. Being a nurse has it's ups and downs as does any career, but I find it so rewarding knowing that in some small way , maybe I helped to improve someone's life.:yeah:
  5. IV pump height safety?

    Good Day everyone, Has anyone ever heard of any studies or hospital policies anywhere , that the IV pumps should not be above a certain height on the IV pole? I'm just wondering since most of the nurses where I work place the pumps almost at the to...
  6. a nurse's life in regina, sk

    I worked at the General in Regina, and it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. Newbies get no respect, and the staff is cut throat. Often others slept on the job (this was with fresh SICU patients). I couldn't get out of there soon enou...
  7. Struggling with depression, panic and anxiety.

    Thanks Tweety and everyone for your encouraging words. It gives us hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. Struggling with depression, panic and anxiety.

    Thanks to everyone who responded. :) I think this IS a disability, at least it's totally screwing with my wife's ADL's and she feels disabled. She says sometimes it feels like fear, but I guess that's what panic attacks are - fight or flight kicks...
  9. Struggling with depression, panic and anxiety.

    My wife has been reading this thread with interest, and Leslie, your post really hit home with her - she can really relate to what you're saying. Hopefully she's not headed for the more severe type of anything, although her status seems pretty sever...
  10. Struggling with depression, panic and anxiety.

    Thank you. I wish you the best. :)
  11. Struggling with depression, panic and anxiety.

    Thanks for your reply! She did have a psych, and just got a new one. She's starting therapy for the first time next week. She was told she has "trauma" issues. As for her meds, she's tried Lexapro and is now on Cymbalta and Geodon. I'm here for ...
  12. My wife is an RN, returning to work after several physical struggles. In the midst of these, she has been hit with depression and anxiety/panic, and it seems to be destroying her life. She's unable to go to work without having a panic attack and ju...
  13. Application Process

    Ah, sorry for the confusion. She's applied at a different hospital than she's at now.
  14. Application Process

    She hasn't been called for an interview yet. She dropped off her resume to HR last week. Thanks for the response. :)
  15. Application Process

    After years of travel nursing, a friend recently applied for a regular RN job. Does anyone know what the application process is like nowadays? Do things normally move fairly quickly, or does it take a while for interviewing? It's not a big hospita...