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  1. CathRN

    Lets talk about $$$

    For the posters who didn't know what SOC was, you can go to www.cms.gov and type in OASIS, and it will take you step by step on OASIS. In Texas, there are seminars everywhere that you can go to for OASIS training as well.
  2. CathRN

    What is your crazy?

    Oh my, it seems like I'm OCD and share traits with most of the posters here. Even though I don't work in the hospital setting, my brain sheet is a MUST! I can't function without it. And yes, I catch a lot of "flak" about it.
  3. CathRN

    Federal Regulations for Nursing Homes

    www.cms.gov. That will take you to the main webpage. On the right upper side there is a search box. There you can type in Appendix P, which is the survey process - what the surveyors look at and why; Appendix PP which is the tags; and Appendix Q which is the Immediate Jeopardy information. If you need any help, message me.
  4. CathRN

    Abuse Allegations

    As a state/federal investigator, I have seen this all too often. And yes, I do call IJ's when this occurs.
  5. I once had a patient at the hospital I was working at the time, new admit, got vitals and admission data, started her IV fluids and she asked me to pray with her. I did and one of her visitors asked me if she could pray for me. As she held my hands and started her prayer, she began to tell me things about my life (and no, I had never seen her before in my life) and then she anointed me (yes, that was a surprise). But what a peaceful encounter, that was years ago and it still stays with me.
  6. CathRN

    Coffee is my medicine

    LOL SummitAP, the same goes for me. "I have some blood in my caffeine stream." So true.
  7. CathRN

    Just a Floor Nurse

    "JUST"?!?!?!?!? You have worked long and hard to get where you are. It is a pet peeve of mine when someone says "They are JUST a (CNA, LVN, floor nurse)......Sorry, I'll get off my soap box, but don't be so hard on yourself, and don't let anyone else get by with it either. HUGS to ya!
  8. CathRN

    Any Registered Nurses that are state surveyors???

    As a state surveyor in Texas, I am on the road A LOT.....if you have small children that is something you have to decide. One of my co-workers has small children, but her husband is a stay at home dad. Works for them. I love my job, but fortunately I'm able to travel, our kids are grown. The state benefits are wonderful!
  9. CathRN

    Any Registered Nurses that are state surveyors???

    I would start by looking at your state health and human services website. In Texas, it is DADS - Department of Aging and Disability Services, but each state is different. You might also try CMS - Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, that is the Federal side. I wish you all the best, and if that doesn't work, let me know and I'll dig further for you.
  10. CathRN

    Public Humiliation In Healthcare

    I do have to say that I was not pleasant, I did not back down, I did tell him to calm down and treat me with respect(at the top of my "mom" voice). Then I called the CVOR coordinator to come relieve me and went to the managers office and lit in the middle of him. Then I quit, then filed charges.
  11. CathRN

    Public Humiliation In Healthcare

    When I worked CVOR and reported the surgeon for throwing scapels, bloody towels, clamps, etc. I was called into the OR manager office and told "The surgeons bring in the money, nurses are a liability" We have worked with this surgeon for over 20 years and that is the way things are. I immediately put in my 2 weeks notice, then told my manager that I would be filing assault charges.
  12. You are obligated to report this to state. NOW!. Also as a previous poster stated, also report it to your state board of nursing. Call your state reporting hotline. ASAP, if not sooner. I am a "state investigator", my mantra is "it is better to report it to be safe, than not to report it and regret it."
  13. CathRN

    Attention PRN nurses

    As a float nurse, or as a prn pool nurse, my nurse manager (when I was floated) or the house supervisor (my boss when I was prn pool) would often give me little thank you gifts. Especially when I had a rough shift. They did listen when I told them not to call me or send me to certain floors because of the negative experiences I had. As a previous poster stated, I worked prn pool for personal reasons. I was taking care of my dying mother, was a newlywed and was taking online courses towards my masters. Everyone has a reason for the actions they take for work. I did like working prn because I could always say NO, and they knew not to call me. I would often give the house supervisor a copy of my mothers medical appointments and my school schedule and told them I would not be available. Sometimes the charge nurse or nurse manager of a certain floor would call and beg, but they soon figured out that I would only be available to the floors that treated me like they were glad to see me and not dump all over me.
  14. CathRN

    Attention PRN nurses

    I have experienced "ungratefulness" from the home floor staff. Several times, when I was floated, or when I worked "house pool", I ended up with the heaviest patient load from the regular, home staff. I have spoken up, but was ignored. Finally, I told the house supervisor not to call me for certain floors because of it. That finally got TPTB attention.
  15. CathRN

    Abuse Allegations

    Oops. Surveys can leave the building. But cannot exit the investigation or survey until the immediacy is lifted. Often we will inform the Administrator, DON, and whatever other department heads they may want to know. Then we leave the building for lunch or whatever to give them a cool off period. I commend the Administrators and DONs that jump on these. I work very hard to build good relationships with the facilities. The people who benefit from it are the residents. The residents are the reason any of us are there. My normal "speech" runs along the lines of.......many times we (surveyor/investigators) are the last voice a lot of the residents have. That is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I'm not saying you don't. But please look at this as a learning experience, as painful as it may be, we still need to work together for the residents.