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  1. Judee Smudee

    Leaving the Profession!

    Yes managment is the problem, anything else I can deal with. Their cold stop your whining attitude is what eventually drives most nurses out. Then they run to congress and try to bring in foreign nurses. I am however beating a dead horse, they are not going to change.
  2. Judee Smudee

    Volume in 1 unit of blood?

    Don't they add additional fluid in the lab sometimes for preservation purposes? Someone once told me that but I don't know for sure. I think they also add a perservative chemical.
  3. Judee Smudee

    Stubborn pt with an (apparent) death wish.

    Strange isn't it. We are permitted to tackle someone trying to jump off a bridge but we are not permitted to pull the cigarette out of a patients mouth. To me the two things are the same thing, SUICIDE, one slow and the other quick.
  4. Judee Smudee

    how much $ is too much

    Dear friends, if anyone ever dares to bring your salary up to you please ask them to look up salaries of the average pro football or basketball player. What is it with a society that complains about paying decent wages to a caregiver then forks over 11 million a year to someone because of the way they bounce a ball?
  5. Judee Smudee

    Supervisors unappreciated

    A good supervisor is worth their weight in gold. Very important position. Takes a special person to do it right. Should be compensated accordingly. I agree they are underappreciated, especially the good ones.
  6. Judee Smudee

    Heads Up For Pandemic Flu Coming

    This is a very important post. Some people have been saying all along that wild birds are not the problem. Domestic birds are actually the ones spreading it and they are more easily tracked and controlled. Really tight controls on transportation of domestic birds from country to country may actually keep the thing in check.
  7. Judee Smudee

    The very, very old and sick who are full code

    Wonder how this will all play out if their is a pandemic. There will be shortages of all supplies, personel and especially beds. Nurses may be faced with a grim triage. Who gets the O2 or the vent, the 89 year old or the 9 year old. I pray it never comes to that but it could.
  8. Judee Smudee

    ABC bird flu made-for-TV movie

    Networks frequently do outrageous things during sweeps week to increase viewership. They are thrilled that there is such an outcry over the movie, it increases viewership everytime. You know the old saying, "no such thing as bad publicity". They are laughing all the way to the bank I am sure. In a strictly artistic sense, it is a really bad movie. Had it been about any other subject matter is would have passed unnoticed.
  9. Judee Smudee

    about the bird flu......

    Does any one remember the recent the anthrax attack that occured shortly after 911? Do you remember how the CDC rushed in to protect the rich and the powerful and left the postal workers and John Q. public to die? I remember and that is why I don't trust the CDC. However, I will listen closely to what my local health dept. has to say because it has always been more concerned about the public than politics. Do you realize that in the past powerful economic and political forces have influenced what the CDC has told the public. It is not unusual for it to alter it's stance on issues based what the current party in power feels is good for us to hear.
  10. Judee Smudee

    ink stains

    Years ago I used to use a product that removed color from fabrics to get ink out of uniform. Haven't seen it in stores in years. Had learned to be careful and not get stains on my uniforms so I really haven't needed it. However, for the first time in years in a moment of laxity I put all my white scrubs in the wash with a ink pen. I destroyed $400 worth of clothing in one moment of stupidity. If I remember correct bleech won't get ink out. What do I need to get this ink out, a magician maybe?:gandalf:
  11. Judee Smudee

    Heads Up For Pandemic Flu Coming

    That does it. I am just turning 62 and not in good health. At the first sign of an epidemic I am retiring. I will certainly not survive the bird flu. It irks me that the politicians are playing fast and loose with my life like this. If I am going to battle a disease as contageous as H5N1 I am going to do it with state of the art of equipment or I am going to be at home watching the whole thing play out on tv.
  12. Could they not just make different types of tubes with different connectors that won't match up with anything else?
  13. Judee Smudee


    I think it is terrible that people jumped to conclusions before checking all their facts. I feel bad for you. Prospective employers would be wise enough to check the license number I would hope.
  14. Judee Smudee

    Strange situation need input...

    The woman was calling and checking. Says to me she was getting suspicious anyway.
  15. Judee Smudee

    Have You Had Your Gall Bladder Out?

    Yes things do change after the surgery. Myself I am going to see GI doctor in few weeks about problems I have had since I had gall bladder out.
  16. Judee Smudee

    Is Medicare TRYING to kill patients?*vent*

    Maybe you should contact your local representative in congress about this. They are the ones who write the legislation that cause situations like this. You won't do this patient very much good but if the problem is wide spread and Congress starts to hear about it from many sources it could start the wheels turning.