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I read on the forum that while it's forbidden for a nurse to have sex with their patient, I haven't seen anything about having sex with other nurses, doctors, visitors, etc. Does it actually happen as often as it does on TV... Read More

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    Yeah there are some hot residents here. Some of these guys are so cute. LOL
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    In all my years as a nurse, and then before that working in a hospotal as a ward clerk and in medical records, I've just never been tempted by something like that, partly because in the past I have been around some of these "couplings", not patient-nurse, but MD-nurse, and nurse-nurse/staff member. These things all usually got publicized, and it wasn't a very polite conversation.

    An RN on nights got busted by security having sex with an aide. Got turned in, the aide got fired, the RN was the night shift charge, and he got moved to days.

    A RT and a nurse got caught in the RT closet, and this just really made me shudder because it was an area where they took resp equip. to clean them after a pt d/c. Yuck yuck!!!

    Then, the one that EVERYONE in the hospital was talking about for weeks - an RN and a doc were in the stairwell, and someone walked into the stairwell and caught her "servicing" him. It was on a weekend, but days. I hope I wouldn't be that ignorant. The nurse wasn't disiplined by the hospital (I don't think) but word got around to even the other facilitites in our city.

    Just my .02, but I can't see doing something like this, I try to keep my nose clean, and I can get into enough trouble without doing something like that.

    Anne, RNC :smackingf:smackingf
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    Quote from SaraO'Hara
    Unless being groped by a randy Alzheimer's patient counts... NEVER :chuckle

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    sissiesmomma, we must work in the same place! The stairwell thing happened at my work too, but the nurse got canned, the intensivist got a talking to. It DOES happen but not as often as one thinks.

    One of the night shift PCTs is messing around with one of the maintenance men, no one has caught them yet, but they always disappear for a while and then come back all red faced with messy hair-yuk!! And one of our nurses (who had a very overprotective/mean husband) was having an affair with a man (not an employee) but she felt that the safest place to "see" him was at work. She was fired over this also.

    But aside from the sex thing, I find the whole dating thing at my hospital disgusting! It makes me so glad to be married and to not be involved in all of the gossip. My place IS like Grey's. Everyone dating everyone, no matter what their title! I mean don't you know anyone outside of work-you should keep work/personal life seperate! There is one male nurse in particular in my ED that right in a row dated a PCT, a nurse, a PCT, then 3 nurses in a row-all worked together and knew how he had slept with the others and left them shortly afterwards. Some of them were even good friends! People should have a little more respect for themselves! They have all been in trouble more than once because people have reported that he and whoever his current squeeze at the time was, would stand in the hall at night talking instead of providing patient care. And I got in trouble for calling them dirty butts, and suggesting that no one sit on the toilet and that the NM should require random STD checks instead of drug tests.

    It is a hospital and is supposed to be a professional place, and it should be (minus the occasional too long a stare at the gorgeous paramedics that bring in a patient
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    Quote from kanzi monkey
    Weekly. Sometimes more. Never on Sundays.
    We ONLY do it on Sundays, BTW, in case you were curious...
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    Quote from applescruffette
    I've heard of nurses getting screwed at work.

    It's usually when management gives you too many patients when management couldn't be bothered to find a replacement for someone who has called off.
    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ....LOVE IT....truer words were never ever typed...
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    Quote from curiousstudent5
    I read on the forum that while it's forbidden for a nurse to have sex with their patient, I haven't seen anything about having sex with other nurses, doctors, visitors, etc. Does it actually happen as often as it does on TV shows? Not asking whether it's wrong or not, just whether it happens.
    it's entertainment ...and sex sells...i have not heard about any midnight rendenvous...but you never know
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    seriously, this is not even worth answering...
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    I have a hearty appreciation for romance and sex. I also have a fairly robust sense of humor, but I don't find the scenario of hospital sex--with patients or co-workers--the least bit funny, attractive, tempting, or even palatable.

    People who engage in this kind of behavior along with those who snicker at it or find it entertaining are helping to perpetuate the myth of the "naughty nurse." That kind of crud doesn't seem to stick to the docs, but there are lots of people who are convinced that we nurses are all just a crowd of smoldering vixens under our scrubs. Expecting to be taken seriously and be given professional regard and treatment is incompatible with winking at coworkers' on the job sexual indiscretions. That goes double for committing such indiscretions. You don't have to be a prude. You just have to have good sense and some healthy boundaries.

    Most of us have worked too darn hard and have too much respect for all involved to let ourselves behave this way.
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    I'm not aware of any instances of nurses with pts or other nurses at our hospital. Not only am I too old to engage in sexual situations of any kind but the idea of such engagement in a hospital setting is abhorrent.

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