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  1. qaqueen

    How Much Do You Love Your Job?

    I am a "seasoned" nurse, currently working in MSICU. I love being a nurse, but I am starting to feel the physical effects of larger patients, as well as the emotional impact of my unusually unpleasant RN Manager. I had hoped to obtain a position with a large hospice company in my area, but have not been able to do so. I love doing CRRT, and have experience in peritoneal dialysis. I was offered an interview within my current facility. Here is my dilemma, if I am offered the position with my current company, I would lose my shift differential (approx. $1000.00 a month). I have many years to work before I can even consider retirement. I just want to do my job without being bi#@hed at on a regular basis and without turning 600lb patients every week. If I can enjoy my job and be fulfilled, without the current bs, it may well be worth taking the loss. So, do you love your job? Thanks for taking the time.
  2. qaqueen

    How is this handled at your facility?

    A pt with a trach that is still vented.
  3. qaqueen

    How is this handled at your facility?

    Thank you. We have a policy that does not require a MD order for 1:1, however, when pt is intubated and sedated, conventional wisdom at my facility is to dc observation. The odd thing (to me) is that if the pt gets trached, but is still intubated (no sedation) no observer is required.
  4. qaqueen

    How is this handled at your facility?

    Our policy requires that a SI pt have a direct observer until cleared by Psych. I would like to know how a couple of issues with SI patients is handled at other hospitals. What if the SI pt is intubated and sedated? Observer or no? What if the pt is trached, not sedated, not restrained but still intubated? Observer or no? Does your facility require that a direct observer is ordered by MD? Our policy does not currently address intubated SI patients, whether sedated or awake. Curious about how the rest of the world deals with this. Thanks in advance.
  5. qaqueen

    Hospice Pay?

    It seems that each time I look into a hospice RN position (primarily home hospice), the pay is significantly less than a hospital position. Are others seeing the same? Thanks
  6. qaqueen

    PO2 and aging????

    í ½í¸€ that was a smiley face on my phone
  7. qaqueen

    PO2 and aging????

    Not for a test í ½í¸€. The pt had atelectasis and infiltrates. At 2 liters, saturation was 93-98%. Colleague thought patient should be on high flow to improve PO2. I was concerned with overdoing the O2.
  8. qaqueen

    PO2 and aging????

    I have read several articles, with opposing statements about PO2 and aging. My understanding is that PO2 decreases with age. I have seen different formulas for calculating the PO2 reduction, that basically end up with the same value. The simplest formula l have seen is: Normal PaO2 (at sea level)= 100 mm Hg - the number if years over age 40. So, my question is, if you have an 98 year old DNI patient with a pulse oximeter readings > 92% on 2 liters via nasal cannula and a PO2 of 54, would you increase the O2 flow? Would it increase the PO2? According to the above formula, PO2 of 42 would be okay. Thanks for your help.
  9. qaqueen

    Tips for Hospice RN interview.

    Gentle_Ben_RN, how is it going?
  10. I don't think there is anything wrong with the OP's actions. BrandonLPN wrote: "As an experienced nurse, I know to monitor for increased sediment and/or low out put. I know to encourage fluids and consider irrigation if sediment is heavy. We are perfectly capable of monitoring for hematuria. We monitor for pain as a matter of course. We do not need all these orders placed in the TAR telling us what to do." As you would have done all of this anyway, why is it a problem that there are actual instructions in the patient's chart? Perhaps, other newer nurses need the instructions. As for being disgruntled about bladder scans, really? What if the catheter really is obstructed, this would be the easiest, fastest way to find out. And, it is likely that you could assign the task to a CNA. Perhaps the term "PVR" was not the best choice, however, was it really worth nitpicking? So, if you don't like the term the OP used, what would you use? Urinary retention?
  11. qaqueen

    ICU, PACU or MedSurg for new 56 yr old nurse?

    I was an older new nurse. Now, I am an older not so new nurse. Honestly, if you want to be well rounded, Med-Surg would be my suggestion. You see a lot of different conditions. Often these patients are not so sick that they are unable to turn (or at least assist with a turn) in bed (a little easier on the back). You get experience in several areas, and learn time management. PACU nurses need to be able to identify a deteriorating patient and act quickly. ICU nurses must be familiar with medications, and procedures beyond the scope of the Med-Surg nurse. Although a two patient assignment sounds like an easy shift, if they are both deteriorating, the stress levels can be incredible. As for me, I was 48 when I graduated with my ADN. I completed my BSN at 50. I started out in Med-Surg for three years, then telemetry(PCU) for three years and now ICU for two and one-half years. It can be done. You must take care of yourself. Follow your dreams and if you want to start in ICU, give it a shot. All they can say is "no", and "no" never killed anybody. Best of luck!
  12. qaqueen

    Work From Home: Utilization Review

    Thank you for this article. I have been seriously considering pursing an UR position, but was unsure of the scope of the position and requirements for employment. Thanks again.
  13. qaqueen

    I GOTTA KNOW!!!!!

    Lost the mold? I used to work in plastics, the only mold that ever got "lost" was on a ship, on the way to another country. Molds can crash, but this is strange.
  14. qaqueen

    I GOTTA KNOW!!!!!

    So, what is the material that they are made of? Looks like HDPE to me.
  15. qaqueen

    I GOTTA KNOW!!!!!

  16. qaqueen

    I GOTTA KNOW!!!!!

    Has anybody else heard about the "nationwide urinal shortage" (the type used in hospitals)? This was announced at work, we are to make sure that urinals are appropriate for patients. We should also consider using a basin or emesis bag as alternatives, if urinals are not available. So, I did a web search...no results. Checked with the FDA...nada. Looked at specific manufacturers, not a word. So what do YOU know? I think management just doesn't want us wasting product making Xmas urinal wreaths. If you have any info, I am dying to hear it. Thanks and Seasons Greetings

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