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  1. doesntlookgood

    Potential MN Nurses Strike?

    'Zero progress' in nurse contract talks; another strike looms | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ To the previous poster...I am a medically-retired ALPA member, To all you Nurses, do everything in your power to avoid crossing a picket line. If you compromise yourselves now, you will NEVER regain what you lost. To the strikers... Stand strong. Stand tall. Put your big-girl panties on (most of your are Female). If you give up now, you WILL regret it forever. "Those things that cause pain, instruct."
  2. doesntlookgood

    MY Employer Would NEVER Do That: Nurse wage-fixing settlement

    I'm not taking sides here, but let's not forget that reality is often a function of perception. In response, you might wish to consider this tome. http://www.amazon.com/Myth-Male-Power-Warren-Farrell/dp/0425181448 Incidentally, the author is the ONLY MAN IN THE U.S. to have been elected THREE times to the Board of Directors of the National Organization for Women in New York City. Sorry, but I don't apologize for being born with a penis. I don't use it as a weapon either.
  3. doesntlookgood

    In Hard Times, Lured Into Trade School and Debt

    EXCELLENT choices...all around. Having the Fed pay for your education, while you gain leadership skills. Easy on the Kia reference, as you become an Officer, your subordinates will NOT take that attitude well. One of the leading causes of Leadership Failure is leaders being openly disrespectful of their troops. Here's a Female Naval Captain who refused to fall on her sword, so her superiors helped her out. http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1969602,00.html And to keep it balanced, here's a Male CO that suffered the same fate. http://www.navytimes.com/news/2007/05/navy_burke_co_fired_070521/
  4. doesntlookgood

    In Hard Times, Lured Into Trade School and Debt

    Here is ONE thing to be aware of: If at all possible avoid Sallie Mae-based loans. Try anything...and I mean ANYTHING else. Sallie Mae loans ARE NOT discharged in BK (bankruptcy). Nobody wants to be reduced to using the Bankruptcy Code for relief, but it does happen...often to people who do everything in their power to avoid THAT walk. You are then stuck with: A significant loan, with (usually) sub-market interest rates. No job (or at least not the job you hoped for). Being a young person with the rest of their life to pay off the loan. The earlier poster who mentioned her cheap Kia scored a bullseye. Treat your educational and occupational goals with the same critical analysis that you would use to evaluate a potential spouse. If it (or they) do not add value, they get the heave-ho. As a friend told me..."Student Loans - The Next Sub-prime" "...The rivers are full of crocodile nasties And He who made kittens put snakes in the grass..." "Bungle In The Jungle" - Jethro Tull
  5. wanna bet? no registration required, but almost certainly time-sensitive. chicago:nurse wage-fixing settlement http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-biz-0314-whistleblower--20100313,0,4296655.story
  6. doesntlookgood

    Good Luck With THIS Hot Mess

    http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/hea/1587550607.html and then in a somewhat related "vein" ...something else that I've mentioned here before "ad nauseam" Be sure to consider the similarities between these two fine professions. The stuff you see on this show on Tuesday WILL be attempted with the Nursing profession, albeit in a somewhat different format. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/flyingcheap/
  7. doesntlookgood

    Nursing crisis looms as baby boomers age

    Situations like this are exactly the reason why I abandoned the altruistic (and it IS altruistic) goal of becoming a Nurse. Never, ever forget to capitalize your title... Nurse. I'm a smart guy...54 years old; Daddy / Lung CA survivor / medically-retired Airline Pilot / 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate / shot at once - stabbed twice (when I was young & full of p!ss & vinegar) / boatload of real-life technology experience. Kids and animals love me (well almost always - but that's another story). I learned an old saying a long time ago... You fix the poop... Or the poop fixes you. (I'm confident you know which word to insert. If you really don't there is NOTHING more I can do.) When female Nurses are ready to put their Big Girl Panties on... And male Nurses are ready to grow a pair of balls... Get ready to walk away. Don't you realize what you have in common? Have you been SO deluded by the concept of "doing good" that you've forgotten to take care of yourselves? You've neglected your own physical / spiritual /emotional health to help others and enrich a few? Someone...anyone, please tell me why Nurses should carry the water? I've posted before about this...read some of my previous postings. The constant drumbeat cannot be ignored...get your asses to work. Nurse: You Go First. Take care of yourselves. Look out for your competent coworkers. Mentor the "young" HAHAHA Could you imagine ME as a newly minted Nurse. I'll light a candle for you.
  8. doesntlookgood

    Flu Spreading at Unbelievable Rate

    One major perception problem is folks feeling that when you have the sniffles and a runny nose, you have the "flu". Ergo...Swine Flu Meh When I was in my late 20's I had the "flu". Man, it was AWFUL, and I was useless for AT LEAST a week, and I was REAL tough back then. I'm keeping my head down and keeping my hands cleaner than ever. What's the old saying? "Denial...it's more than a river in Egypt."
  9. doesntlookgood

    So how often do nurses have sex in the hospital?

    Note to the OP: If you truly believe that television & other media reflect reality on a regular basis...remember, television is ENTERTAINMENT. You might want to pick up a book / take a walk / listen to your favorite music. Jon & Kate Exploit 8 & American Idle are two shows that instantly come to mind. Everyone needs a break, and for many television is their preference, which is fine. But there is also no doubt in my mind that television can really skew the "reality calibration" level in some folks.
  10. EVERYONE is a product of their environment. In my opinion, there are NO exceptions. A long time ago, when I was 16, my Mom and Dad were killed in a traffic accident. Having only one relative (my Dad's sister), I went from living in a suburb where you didn't even lock your door at night, to living in a downtown Chicago condo with my Aunt who was at the time Deputy Superintendent of the Chicago Police. It was a real eye-opener. But it wasn't all bad. It certainly shaped the way I live my life even to this day. Some very good habits, and other not-so-good. It was a long time ago, but although I've never been a handsome guy, I was something of a "player", and had more G/F's than most guys. One day I fell in BIG LOVE, and after some time, got married. A marriage better than most, or was it? Nine years later, and while our oldest child is playing in the sandbox, my wife tells me she's not in love, and wants out. I was stunned. Regardless, the marriage IS over, and I pour myself into my career. Occasional dating, but nothing serious. Then one day, I meet THE ONE. We date pretty exclusively, but she decides it's going nowhere, and I'm history. "This hole in my heart can only be filled by you..." I'm not angry or even bitter, but I've resigned myself to avoidance. Now completely celibate, not only sexually, but emotionally as well. The thought NEVER crosses my mind. A few weeks ago, a good friend who has a very busy, productive Dentistry practice comes over and we're grilling on the deck. The beers are adding up, and we're solving all the world's problems. There's a break in the conversation, and he suddenly looks upset. "Hey...you alright?" "I need to tell you something. I've never told ANYBODY. My wife doesn't even know." "Go ahead Man, it's just you and me." I'm expecting a bombshell, but it's really innocuous. Not about sex, romance, cheating, money, crime, drugs, something so uneventful that no one would probably care. The story comes spilling out, and I just let him speak his mind without interruption. We talk some more and I think it's time to trot out my own epiphany. "I want to tell you something...you can't tell anyone...especially not your wife." "HAHAHA" It's just you and me!" "My youngest daughter just got her Driver's License." She lives about two miles away. "You poor ba5tard." "I haven't seen or communicated with her in..." My voice cracks. "7 years." My friend looks at me, mouth agape. "Awww DLG that's incredibly F-ed up." "I know." I stand upwind and get the smoke from the grill square in the face. It's a good excuse for the watery eyes. We ALL come with baggage. No extra charge. You can't change the past, you can only try to make the best of the future. You gave your Dad a break, No? Now it's time to look in the mirror and forgive yourself as well. ALL (normal) parents want their children to be happy, right? ALL (normal) parents want their children to have a better life, right? Go get 'em, Nurse. Make your parents proud. DLG
  11. doesntlookgood

    Good News, Nurses

    It's somewhat a blessing. I have this skill that most people just can't figure out, and I quit trying to intellectualize it myself. In many cases, I can discern trends WAY before most folks. I don't know how or why, but as I look in the past the overwhelming number of predictions I've made have come to fruition. Yeah, I took my meds today. :wink2: Earlier when I was thinking about a career in Nursing, the first thing I did was hit a boatload of websites belonging to health care facilities to peruse their job postings. I watched almost all level off, then saw alarming decreases in their postings. Today, I came here to tell you that almost every site I check has increased their available positions by at least 10%! I found one facility with an increase exceeding 30%. These are difficult economic times for so many, but I believe relief is around the corner. Not next week. Or next month. But if you're a new grad, still without a job, I don't think it'll be much longer. Of course, things could still change, and perhaps the sites are simply reflective of anticipation of a possible Pandemic, but we'll see. Anyhow, Chin Up!
  12. doesntlookgood

    Air Force Academy Outbreak

    http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/07/14/colorado.doolie.flu/index.html The thing I find worrisome here... The AFA is a VERY highly regimented environment, especially for Freshman. Hopefully they'll utilize this as the perfect "control" case and learn lessons about containment / treatment / mass casualty / information dissemination processes.
  13. doesntlookgood

    Germophobic considering Nursing. please help!

    To the OP: First of all, if you're troll bait...shame on you. Go find someplace else to play. We're adults here. If you're not a troll...what are you thinking? Folks came up with some good ideas, to be sure, but what's the point? So you can struggle and agonize and fret over this issue? I don't understand. Go look in the mirror...look really hard and make a HONEST assessment of both your attributes as well as your liabilities. Here's an example. I have a buddy, he's smart. Let me take that back...he's really, Really, REALLY smart. He has a strong technology background, and one day he tells me he's taking classes majoring in Business Continuity. But there's a little problem with this fellow. It's not a personality flaw on his part, but it is a BIG DEAL. Whenever this guy is in a crisis situation, he caves, and basically becomes useless. I've seen it with my own eyes, and dealt with the immediate and secondary aftermath in his wake. It wasn't pretty. WHAT is the OP thinking about here? What is the point? Folks here gave the OP good advice, but that doesn't mean that the advice will work for the OP. What then? Here's the cool thing about Nurses: 1. They have strong technology / empathy / intellectual / problem-solving skills. But unlike many people, Nurses skills are balanced by what I call "brain-stem" skills & ability. 2. They are ready, able and willing to do what needs to be done under any circumstances regardless of discomfort, danger, personal distaste, or even physical limitations. They work under some of the MOST stressing / trying / crazy / pole-vault-over-the-top situations that a dumb-azzed Prime Time show will never show. I believe that it is important that people push the envelope...especially young people. That's how you grow. But if the OP is truly germophobic...I have to question their thought processes. As the old saying goes: "There are roads to nowhere." "Then there are roads to NOWHERE."
  14. doesntlookgood

    Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    Ahhh, the Human Condition. It seems that we always want something we don't have! You mentioned that you teach part time...are there any facilities nearby that would bring you aboard on a casual / part-time basis? It seems like I notice more and more advertisements for Nursing staff with a FTE If you "blow off" the teaching and work our full shift per week at the facility of your choice, that gives you the best of BOTH worlds, No? The Down Side: You only get one day off per week, unless you piggy-back your part-time "real" Nurse gig on the same day. THAT puts you in a minimum sleep situation, and as a person who worked 80-hour week for YEARS, you'll pay a price. The Up Side: You get to keep the cool gig, and the great boss (which are big time blessings in themselves). You'll make more money but have less time to spend it on nonsense. And we haven't discussed the intellectual / spiritual benefits. Good Luck whatever you choose. DLG
  15. doesntlookgood

    What's The Meanest Thing A Dr. or Co-worker Ever Said To You?

    Nah... I wasn't trying to be condescending. All my life I've worked hard. Really hard. 99% of the time I did the absolute best I could do given the circumstances. When I put my head on my pillow, I fall to sleep, straightaway. However, the same attributes that make someone an excellent caregiver also becomes their Achilles Heel. When one mixes that situation up with a system that "enables" abuse... Well, guess what happens, and why are you surprised at the outcome? Step away from being a Nurse for a moment. Come over to the Dark Side, my world. One day I have a serious problem with someone who is in a significant position of authority. NOT a disagreement, but a really serious issue. I talk to my immediate supervisor. Because he or she is too busy / wants to avoid conflict / frightened of "rocking the boat"... Talks you through the process; then everything STOPS. NO resolution. The asshat continues their anti-social behavior. Your supervisor believes they did a good job. Human Resources is happy that a potentially difficult situation has now been eliminated from their plate. Look at the above 3 sentences. Everyone is satisfied, except ME. I'm frustrated. And tomorrow, or next week someone else will "take one for the team". If anyone is satisfied with being on the short end of that stick...well there's not much I can do. Nurses have SO MANY truly unique qualities. They want to help. They want to collaborate. They want to heal. They want stability (don't rock the boat). But as many of you know; devious, manipulative people show their true colors eventually. People like that just LOVE seeing the qualities Nurses bring. For every person that will stand up for what's right, there are half a dozen that will fold like a cheap lawn chair. How many threads do we see on the board that discuss Lateral Violence? How many threads about SERIOUS staffing issues? Everyday you do your job, right? Everyday I do my job. If a dispute gets so serious that it winds up in Human Resources...well, that's their job. And if the issue is SO serious that it needs to be official, and someone takes the paper, so be it. And DO NOT FORGET. If it's not official...IT NEVER HAPPENED.
  16. doesntlookgood

    What's The Meanest Thing A Dr. or Co-worker Ever Said To You?

    here's my bonehead opinion. lots of stories here...i'm certain some have been "embellished", but having a lot of experience, most are probably true. i really try to treat everyone with dignity, courtesy and respect, regardless of their position. don't forget that everyone has a bad day from time to time. here's a modification to an old saw. "f**k me once; shame on you. f**k me twice; shame on me." i thought of transposing the u and c, but after consideration that would just annoy the mods, who have been more than accomodating with me. i'm not talking down to you. please listen carefully and consider what i have to say. eliminate: i'm sorry. from your vocabulary. i'm sorry if i run your dog over with my car. if i have to call at an inopportune time... "i apologize." stop frigging bending over every time you do your incredibly important duties. if you are abused, and it is abuse do not think 2x about taking your complaint to your facility's human resources department. take careful notes...time / date / witnesses / circumstances. make it official. that is the only way it will ever stop. a few years ago, i had a dust up with a vp at the company where i worked. the guy really went after me, saying things that would've gotten anyone else a punch to the face. this prick pole vaulted way over the top. i sent an e-mail to hr and they asked me to stop by. i explained the situation. "well we'll speak with him." "you really need to take paper on this one." "uhhh." "uhhh." "uhhh." they took the paper, and were not happy about it. a few days later my telephone rings and it's the ceo. the ceo. "can you come over and chat with me?" "i'm on my way." i get to his office and we shake hands. "the things you said here...were they true?" "yessir. it makes the shop a really difficult place to work." he patted my back, and shook my hand which told me our little "meeting" was over. "i never knew", he said. together we walk toward his office door. i did some research earlier, and found out he speaks "passable" japanese. ahahahaha...me too! i express my apprecation in crappy japanese, but he does understand. as we approach the door he tells me: "i want you to know that i told him that if the crap happens again he's f**kng gone." a year later he was history. some times you have to abandon: being a nurse put your big-girl panties on. spread the pain around.

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