Shockingly Humbled - page 3

"She's crashing!" yells the second year anesthesiology resident. His high pitched voice slices through the alarms that pierce the green tiled operating room. His forehead creases, and his eyes are... Read More

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    Please write a book. You very clearly have the ability to write a suspenseful medical thriller. You have the knowledge and experience to create accurate and believable scenes and characters. I'd love to read it!
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    Wow...I want to know what happens...but I think it's great where it is. Another good post.
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    Wow... I knew something big was coming but never expected THAT. It truly teaches us to never assume.
    What an amazing writing and heart-breaking story!
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    Quote from Mulan
    This is fiction, right?

    The surgeon really wouldn't know that it was the other surgeon's mother?
    You might be surprised by how surgeons and OR staff don't advertise that a patient is a relative. I was quite shocked one day to go pick up my patient in preop, and sitting next to the bedside was one of the neurosurgeons. At first, I thought I'd walked into the wrong preop bay. Turned out the patient was his sister. Another time, I was working with one of the surgeon's mothers. We didn't know until afterwards because he thought everyone might be more stressed if we knew who the patient was related to.
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    WOW! You had me all the way!
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    Quote from blondy2061h

    Singh is an extremely common Indian last name, so the last name (if they were even the same) wouldn't have been a giveaway. Further, it's fairly common in the culture of medicine and in Indian culture to keep work and personal life separate. It sounds from the story like this may have been meant to be a fairly minor surgery gone bad, so Dr. Singh might not have thought it worth it to tell the surgeon it was his mother, thus adding undue stress, or to tell anyone overall what his family was going through. Obviously just speculation, but I don't find this that far fetched.
    Completely agree with this. I know of two Dr. Singh's in my town (and we're not huge) and have worked for Indian physicians, who have definitely been more private than some of the American physicians I've worked for.
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    Writing is a creative release for me as well. It often is expressed in poetry. You are an excellent writer! I was with you all the way, including the "GASP" at the end!
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    OMG so what happened????? Please!!!
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    Definetly ready for the next chapter. My popcorn is popping already!

    Anne, RNC
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    I very much enjoyed your style of writing. I felt as if I were there in the middle of the chaos. Well done. I'd love to hear more "stories. "
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