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skoolrn BSN, MSN, RN

Critical Care, Dialysis, School Nursing
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skoolrn has 28 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care, Dialysis, School Nursing.

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  1. skoolrn

    Compassion Fatigue

    Done! good luck with your survey.
  2. skoolrn

    RN to MSN

    I would advise anyone considering the RN-MSN program to wait. There have been a lot of course changes and those of us in these courses are having all kinds of issues. I won't get into it here, just wait until these courses have been looked at and straightened out.
  3. skoolrn

    Shift Work in Nurses

    done! good luck with your thesis!
  4. skoolrn

    Course changes at WGU starting 1/1/13?

    Nutrition has to be less than 5 years old and to get out of taking Biochem, you have to have had a class called "Biochemistry" on your transcript. Other chemistries don't count. Hope that helps!
  5. skoolrn

    Statistics online at Wgu

    @Reyval04 haha! No I did 33 cu's in 5.5 months!! It took me 3 weeks of 25 hrs a week of studying to pass stats. I was really stressed out like you are. I attended all the webinars and memorized terms and did the study guides. I compared my study guide answers to other students and we talked about why something was right or not. Doing that helped me immensely. I feel your pain. I am currently in Advanced Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research and it will be the most difficult COS this term.
  6. skoolrn

    California Supreme Court ruled against us.

    My question is who is going to train the volunteers?? I wouldn't do it. I cannot "teach" 20+ years of nursing experience and 6+ years of education and expect a teacher to have my skills. Is the RN going to be held responsible when something goes wrong with the student being cared for by the teacher? Does the nurse get thrown under the bus? This is such a bad idea on so many levels.
  7. Taskstream assessments are the only one's you will submit for grading. I have never made a "concept map", which WGU seems to think are helpful but I think it's a waste of MY time. Look at the objectives in the COS and that will tell you exactly what you need to learn. Also, look at the rubric for each taskstream task. Follow it exactly or you will get it back for revision. The joy of competency based education is that you dont spend time on what you already know. (I have already finished Community and Pop Health and the Practicum). Do you know how to find the rubric for each task??
  8. skoolrn

    asthma but no inhaler at school: wwyd?

    I have an "emergency inhaler" paid for by grant money and standing orders for the inhaler and prn neb treatment. So many parents have no idea how bad asthma can be because their child rarely needs treatment.
  9. skoolrn

    Nurse educator wanting to offer CEU with inservices

    Use this link and read about the becoming an accredited provider. Good luck! Primary Accreditation
  10. I am in the RN-MSN program. I already have a BS in Biology so I only needed Stats, Nutrition, Biochem, Care of Older Adult and Health Assessment as prereqs. If you do not have a bachelor's degree in something already you will have to fulfill all the liberal studies courses that any bachelor's degree requires. I completed 33 CU's in just under 6 months. The work intensity varies. I found stats to be horrible and difficult, and I thought biochem was a blast. I am a very good writer and have not had any difficulty with papers, and there are a lot of them. Overall I like this program. You have to be self-motivated and consistent with your studies. You can't take a week off and think you will catch up. I will start my second term with WGU on Sept 1. I will answer specific questions if you send me a PM.
  11. I turns out that my mentor gave me some wrong information. She did not tell me that the "U" classes were the BSN-MSN "bridge classes. She said they were part of the MSN. So I decided to skip around and put off those "U" classes and instead I finished 6 other MSN courses. Then my mentor resigns and I get a new mentor who gives me the correct info. So I can not petition for my BSN until I take those "U" classes. sigh... It doesn't really matter in the long run. I completed 33 CU's in 5 ish months, 18 were MSN. So Sept 1 I will start with those darn "U" classes (10 CU's) then petition for my BSN. Then keep going with my MSN. crazy.
  12. skoolrn

    Shockingly Humbled

    WOW! You had me all the way!
  13. skoolrn

    tatoos & piercings, part 2

    LOVE the Medic Alert tat above!! I have 3 tattoos, got my first at age 50 and I have always joked about getting "DNR" tattooed on my chest! Maybe not such a crazy idea after all.
  14. I love my MacBook Pro. Use my Dell for the proctored exams but as of early Aug will be compatible with Safari too so can use my Mac.